Harry Potter cheats and death relics Part 1 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick mode

In the options menu, select “Unlock menu” and introduce one of the following codes: Elite Challenges: Press Triangle, top, square, L2, R2 and X.

Super potions of force: Press square, left, right, x, r2 and r1.

Stronger Totalum Protected Spell: Press Triangle, Circle, Up, Left, R2 and Right.

Merlin order, first class Unlock all trophies.


You have defeated 1000 enemies Defeat 1000 enemies in history mode.

You have reached level 20 Increase Harry’s skills to level 20.

Member of the Order of the Phoenix It ends at the difficult difficulty level.


Auror wood Ends at the level of intermediate difficulty.

PERFECTED AEMPLY 50 rapid stuns.

Master of the wand Successfully use each of the game spells at least once.

Liquid experience Successfully use all available potions of the game.

You have defeated 500 enemies Defeat 500 enemies in history mode.

You have reached level 15 Increase Harry’s skills to level 15.

You have reached level 10 Increase Harry’s skills to level 10.

A brave friend All but one survive to fight another day.

From under the layer 50 stealthy stuns.


El Bulhful Fan Gathers all the copies of El Bidluoso.

The advantage of experience Increase Harry’s skills for the first time.

You have reached level 3 Increase Harry’s skills to level 3.

You have reached level 6 Increase Harry’s skills to level 6.

A strong shield 20 spells with the enchantment shield.

Collector of El broidoso It gathers half of the specimens of El boring.

A bitter coffee Flee from the London cafeteria.

You have defeated 100 enemies Defeat 100 enemies in history mode.

You have defeated 250 enemies Defeat 250 enemies in history mode.

Confusion to song He launches confusing enchantment to make a rival defeat other enemies.

a day to remember Survive wedding events.

Magic radio news I Get half of the “pottervigilance” passwords.

Salvador de Ron Defeat 35 acromántulas.

A rugged landing Arrives at the burrow with Hagrid.

Dragon uncheck ˇHuye of a dragon den after waking the dragon!

El Prophet reader It gathers half of the copies of The Prophet.

A desperate betrayal Discover some answers in exchange for freedom.

ˇ I have it covered! Lanza Wingardium Leviosa to create coverage for enemy spells.

First flaunt Publish an online result of a challenge to compare with your friends.

A track to follow Analyze what has been seen so far to find out where to continue.

Exhaustive display Publish an online result for each challenge to compare with your friends.

A cold and dark night Follow the light and coach yourself to the inner darkness.

Survivor ˇConsign 5 stars in any difficult challenge!

A necessary transfer Abandon the hope that a friend will return.

Friendly rivals Compare your classification in any challenge with a friend of your friends list.

SERPENTATIVE FOOTPORT IN THE SNOW Discover the secret near the place where everything started.

Defense against the dark arts It ends at the easy difficulty level.

A friend in the distance Find yourself with the student and the gob.

An unexpected ally Make peace with Kreacher and discover the criminal.

A difficult case Enter and salt from the Court of the Umbridge court.

Subscription to The Prophet Gather all the copies of The Prophet.Magic radio news II Get all “pottervigilance” passwords.

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