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Cheat codes

Clue Effect
Red x2, blue, yellow, green x3, yellow Aerial instruments.
Green x2, blue, green x3, yellow, green All Hopos.
Green x2, red x2, yellow, red, yellow, blue Always with slide.
Yellow, green, red, blue x4, red Auto-Kick.
Green, red, green, blue, red x2, yellow, blue Change the flame color.
Yellow, green, red, green, yellow, blue, green x2 Focalization mode.
Blue, red x2, green, red, green, red, yellow Gems color.
Green, red, green x2, yellow, green x3 HUD Free mode.
Green, blue, red, yellow x2, red, green x2 Hyper-speed.
Green, red, yellow x3, blue x2, green Invisible characters.
Yellow x2, blue, red, blue, green, red x2 Interpretation mode.
Red x2, yellow, red, blue, red x2, blue Stars color.
Red, green x2, yellow, blue, green, yellow, green Vocal Fire Ball.

Unlockable characters

Unlockable Requirements
Carlos Santana Complete the song “No one to depend on (live)” in any difficulty and instrument.
Johnny Cash Complete “Ring of Fire” in Carrera Mode.
Kurt Cobain Complete “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in career mode.
Matt Bellamy Complete “plug in baby” in career mode.
Shadow Get 600 notes in a row in “Lust for Life (Live)” in career mode.
Shirley Manson Complete “Only Happy When It Rains” in career mode.
Skeleton Complete the platinum or diamond challenge in “brainstorm” on battery in the race mode.
The Golden God Complete the platinum or diamond challenge in “The God’s of Rock Final Challenge” in the race mode.
Trophies Requirements
ABOVE AND BEYOND  Complete a song with an individual multiplier of more than 4x.
All Four Bass Are Belong To Us  Touch a song with four bassists.
Barbershop  Touch a song with four singers.
Box Set  Complete 100 songs in fast game.
Challenge of the Supergroup  Complete 5 band challenges with gold or higher score.
Chanteuse  Get 5 stars in ‘Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘Send a Little Love Token’ and ‘Only Happy When It Rains’ as a singer.
Crowd pleaser Full your rock to put.
Customizer Create a personalized entry.
Did You Finish Like We Did?  Come back to life.
Drumline  Touch a song with 4 batteries.
Explore The Studio Space  Read 5 tracks in GHMIX.
Fest Quartet Quest Play 10 games of any kind for 4 players in rockfest mode.
Iron Lungs  Complete a chain of 25 phrases as a vocalist.
Juke box  Complete 300 songs in fast game.
Me’nage a` Huit  Play an online game against eight players, all with the same instrument.
No Mistakes Allowed  Complete a quick -game song or race without a single failure.
Our Powers Combined  As a standard band of 4 players, the four of the star power at the same time.
Outgoing Complete 25 Profe Off games online (losing or winning).
Over 9000! Reaches the super level.
Play it to the bone  Make and complete a reproduction list of more than an hour.
Produce  Create a studio song.
Representative Complete a sponsor challenge at diamond level.
Rising Star  Collect 101 stars in career mode.
Rocktopus  Play in line with eight players in the standard band against band, losing or winning.
Score Big  Win 500.000 points in a single song as a soloist.
Score Bigger  Win 1.000.000 points in a single song as a soloist or as a band.
Senior Commander  He wins 5 or more stars in a fast -game song or race.
Shooting Star  Collect 303 stars in the race.
Starstruck  Get over a celebrity.
String Quartet  Play a song with 4 solo guitars.
Synchronized  Complete 20 band moments.
The Fabricated Four  Create a band of 4 personalized rockers and play with them.
The Streak  Complete a chain of 1001 notes.
What’s An Lp?  Complete 14 songs in fast game.
What’s New? Complete any tutorial lesson for new game content.
You Want More?  Touch 5 repetitions.
Young Star  Collect 25 stars in the race.
CRANK IT UP TO 11  Get a multiplier of band as standard band.
Going Diamond  Complete 50 of diamond challenges.
Going Gold  Complete 50 of the challenges in gold or higher.
Going Platinum  Complete 50 of the challenges in platinum or higher.
Open Meded  Give each one a chance.
Quadruple Threat  Complete at least one song challenge for each instrument in gold or higher.
Sampler Plate  It plays at least one song in a fast game, race and in each of the existing competition types.
Score Biggest Win 3.000.000 points in a single song as a band.
Super Star  Collect 50 stars in the race.
The Grand Tour  Unlock all the scenarios of the world.
The Traditional  Complete the game.
Star Cluster  Collect 808 stars in the race.
Platinum Trophy Win all game trophies.

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