GTA Vice City Stories PSP Cheats: All cheat codes and codes

Grand Theft Auto cheats: Vice City Stories for PSP

All cheats, cheat codes and codes that exist for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for PSP. Get all weapons, unlimited money, armor, health ˇ and much more!

As in other deliveries of the saga, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for PSP , We can use a large arsenal and steal all kinds of vehicles (trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, helicopters and even airplanes) to complete the story, create massacres or simply to prolong the fun of this great rockstar game game.

For all this, cheats can play a fundamental role, since they can help you complete the game at 100% without problems or so you can make the crazy for the city of Vice City, since you can get all the weapons play, drive atank through the streets, get all the money that you can imagine and thus become totally invincible.

Here are all the GTA Vice City Stories cheats for PSP. So that they work simply introduces the following cheat codes or key combinations during the game and without clicking pause.

Cheats for GTA Vice City Stories on PSP

  • Weapons 1: Left, right, x, up, down, square, left, right.
  • Weapons 2: Left, right, square, up, down, triangle, left, right.
  • Weapons 3: Left, right, triangle, up, down, circle, left, right.
  • Armor: Up, down, left, right, square, square, l, r.
  • 250.000 dollars: Up, down, left, right, x, x, l, r.
  • Health: Up, down, left, right, circle, circle, l, r.
  • Rhino: Up, l, down, r, left, l, right, r.
  • Trashmaster: Down, up, right, triangle, the triangle, of the triangle.
  • Perfect traction: Below, left, up, l, r, triangle, circle, x.
  • Black cars: L1, R1, L1, R1, Left, Circle, Above, X.
  • Cars avoid you: Above (2), right, left, triangle, circle, circle, square.
  • Chrome cars: Right, up, left, down, triangle, triangle, l, r.
  • Destroy all cars: L, r, r, left, right, square, down, r.
  • Pedestrians attack you: Below, triangle, up, x, l, r, l, r.
  • Pedestrians have weapons: Above, L, down, R, left, circle, right, triangle.
  • Pedestrians fight: R, L, L, below, left, circle, below, l.
  • People follow you: Right, and, below, l, circle, up, al, square.
  • A pedestrian gets into your car: Down, up, right, l, l, square, up, l.
  • Faster watch: R, l, l, down, up, x, below, l.
  • Faster gameplay: Left (2), r (2), up, triangle, below, x.
  • Slower gameplay: Left (2), Circle (2), Down, up, triangle, x.
  • Less wanted: Above, right, triangle (2), below, left, x (2).
  • Most wanted: Above, right, square (2), down, left, circle (2).
  • Clear time: Left, below, r, l, right, up, left, x.
  • Time with fog: Left, below, triangle, x, right, up, left, l.
  • Morning sky: Left, below, l, r, right, up, left, square.
  • Rainy time: Left, below, L, R, right, up, left, triangle.
  • Sunny weather: Left, below, L, R, right, up, left, circle.
  • Commit suicide: Right (2), circle (2), l, r, below, x.
  • 100% multiplayer content: Up, up, up, triangle, triangle, circle, l, r.
  • 75% multiplayer content: Up, up, x, x, square, r, l.
  • 50% multiplayer content: Above, up, circle, circle, x, l, r.
  • 25% multiplayer content: Up, up, up, square, square, triangle, r, l.

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