Gran Tourism Cheats 5 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


License exams A – Reach level 3 and complete the license exams B license exams B – Buy your first car international license exams A – Reach level 12 and complete international license exams B international license exams B – reacheslevel 9 and complete international license exams C – reaches level 6 and completes license exams to license exams S – reaches level 15 and completes international license exams to

Gran Tourism Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Win each and every one of the Tourism Tourism Trophies 5.

The Golden Man (Gold): Get a gold trophy in all races, special tests and special tests.

Exceptional pilot (silver): reaches level A-Spec 40.

Expert Director (Silver): Reach level B-Spec 40.

Final (silver): gets to see the final video.

Founded extreme events (bronze): Complete all extreme races.

Complete expert events (bronze): Complete all expert races.

Complete professional events (bronze): Complete all careers for professionals.

Complete amateur events (Bronze): Complete all races for fans.

Complete beginner events (Bronze): Complete all beginners races.

SUPERLICENCY (BRONZE): Complete the superlicnce.

International License (Bronze): Complete the International License.

International B License (Bronze): Complete International License B.

International C license (bronze): Complete international C license.

National License (Bronze): Complete the license A.

National B license (bronze): Complete license B.

Sébastien Loeb (Bronze) Rally Challenge: Complete the Special Rally Challenge event of Sébastien Loeb.

Grand Tour (Bronze): Complete the special event Grand Tour.

Rally Gran Turismo (Bronze): Complete the special event Rally Gran Turismo.

AMG Driving Academy (Bronze): Complete the Special Event of Conduction of AMG.

Top Gear Test Track (Bronze): Complete the Special Top Gear Track event.

Jeff Gordon Nascar Academy (Bronze): Complete the special event Nascar de Jeff Gordon Academy.

Karts Gran Tourism experience (Bronze): The special event of Karts Gran Tourism is completed.

First Victoria (Bronze): Win your first A-Spec race.

Well aimed (bronze): Win your first race B-Spec.

Proud owner (bronze): take a photo and share it.

Circuit creator (bronze): create a circuit and share it.

Crazy for tuning (bronze): spend an astronomical amount of money on modifications for the car.

Ready to run (bronze): Make competition modifications in one of your cars.

DESIGHT DETAINS (BRONCE): Win at least 10.000 points in the Sector of a Depper Test.

Data analyst (bronze): Analyze your performances through the data registrar.

Flying music (bronze): Use the user music function and lead listening to your favorite songs.

Beyond Autobahn (Bronze): It conducts a total of 12.718 km: the total route of the German highway network.

Collector (bronze): Fill your garage with 1.000 cars.

Multimillionaire (bronze): saves an absurd amount of money.

Entrabable (bronze): Buy a car manufactured in 1959 or before.

Half a century of cars (bronze): incorporate into your garage a car of each of these decades: the 60, 70, 80, 90 and 2000.

Maximum mileage (bronze): Buy a car used with more than 300.000 km.

Potentic (bronze): Buy a very expensive car.

King Midas (Bronze): Buy an incredibly expensive car.

Crazy for speed (bronze): it reaches a speed of at least 300 km/h.

111 meters per second (bronze): reaches a speed of at least 400 km/h.

In a hundredth (bronze): he wins a race by a margin not exceeding 0.01 seconds.

Archiezigos (Bronze): Win a double aboard a mitsubishi lancer Evolution X and a subaru Impreza WRX sti. (You must achieve it with an Impreza WRX sti ’07 or Impreza sedan wrx sti ’10, and an Evolution X GSR P Lancer P.P. ’07.)

DESOUND CARRERA (BRONCE): Win in the final duel between the Ford Mark IV Race Car, the Ferrari 330 P4 Race Car and the Jaguar XJ13 Race Car.

Official record GT-R (bronze): marks a 7:29 chrono.03 In the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit piloting a Nissan GT-R ’07. You must get it in the time trial mode, with the arcade mode model, and using hard sports tires or others of smaller grip.

Human stopwatch (bronze): Complete three consecutive turns marking chronos that do not exceed the best round for more than 0.2 seconds.

A star (bronze) has been born: it makes a B-Spec pilot reach class 30 or higher.

The air of the experience (bronze): takes a B-Spec pilot to the cusp of his career.

Multicolor (bronze): gather 256 paint colors.

Without a cent (bronze): Gastate to the last credit you have.

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