Game of Thrones cheats – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Platinum trophy Win all Game of Thrones trophies


Thoroughly Complete all the secondary objectives of history


seeks! Use MORS dog’s smell sense to find five secret objects

Devoto follower Find all the statues of the seven

Procurer Convinces Bethany to return to the brothel of Chataya with Alester.

Collector Get three objects with a collector value with AlesterR’hllor everything sees Find ten secrets with the vision of R’hllor

The biggest Victorious emerges in the final fight in the forefront

Silent like a shadow Chapter 13: He arrives at Jeyne’s room without being seen

Unattached without parallel Chapter 12: Get a total victory to recover water -signs

Fast and mortal Chapter 11: Combat trial ends in less than two minutes

The touch of gold Get a gold dragon

The butcher comes to dinner Chapter 9: Kill six of Lord Harlton’s soldiers during dinner altercation

Teamwork The game ends without having left a single ally (except Mors and Alester)

Back to the Tagus Chapter 7: Attack the camp without killing the sentries at the beginning

Endless guard Send ten recruits to the wall with MORS

Warlord Reaches the maximum level


Man of the people Chapter 2: Protects the people with Alester

The night is dark… Chapter 15 ends

Minor evil Chapter 14: Go to the help of the reapers

My most bleak time Chapter 15: Executs the sentence issued on the Westford

The true face of the aim Loses the final fightR’Hllor’s red priest The history of Alester ends

Grow strong Chapter 13 ends

As high as honor Chapter 12 ends

Test me Chapter 11 ends

Fire and blood Chapter 10 ends

Never beaten, never broken Finish Chapter 9

Sworn brother MORS’s story ends

Family, duty, honor Chapter 8 ends

ˇ Solo is a scratch! Chapter 9: Supports physical abuses during the torture and surviving sequence

They will not move us Chapter 7 ends

Imparting discipline Chapter 1: Face MORS to the four recruits during the instruction

The dead do not sing songs Chapter 6 ends

Hey my roar Chapter 4 ends

Man’s Best Friend Kill 10 enemies with Mors’s dog in Huargo mode

Are I not merciful? Chapter 8: Save Orys from the City Guard

Authentic warrior Kill 400 enemies

Know your place Chapter 2: Protects the nobles with Alester

Ruthless Gives 5 hits of grace

Hound Chapter 7: Find all the corrupt brothers of the Night Guard

My loyalty is my pride Chapter 5 ends

End of the line Chapter 6: Do not lose the bastard during persecution

Black wings, black words Chapter 3 ends

Valar morghulis Chapter 14 ends

Weapon Master Learn all the skills within the main tactics line of a character

The family is hope… Chapter 2 ends

Master of Light and Llama Get all the skills related to R’Hllor with Alester

Winter is coming Chapter 1 ends

Ready dog Get all the skills related to your dog with MORs

Desecration Chapter 8: Find the key in Alester’s tomb

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