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Black Jack Minigos

Finish the game. When the credits finish and the “Final” screen appears, click R2, L1, R2, R2, top, x, right, circle, down, triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, square (twice). If you have introduced the trick you will hear a sound. Press Start to start playing Black Jack’s minigame.


Near the end you will find an optional boss, Hades. If you win, you will have at your disposal a synthesis store of objects.


He is the most difficult optional chief of the game. To get to him you will need to progress in the Chocobos minigame.


Guide to get all minigame chocobographies.

Comba minigame

Come with Vivi to girls who jump near the ticket in Alexandria. Talk to them and jump when the symbol appears. Do it to win the following awards:

20: 10 Gil50: Cactilio Let

Changes in the end

The game ends with the Cinna hammer in the inventory, and/or “Save the Queen” to see new scenes in the end.

Frog capture with quina

In the frog capture minigame you can get up to 99. The awards are as follows:

2 frogs – Ranas Gross Gem – Ether9 frogs – Silk Tunica15 frogs – elixir23 frogs – Silver holder33 frogs – Sibarita45 frogs – fighting boots 99 frogs – gastronome (you must win Quera, you need a high level).

problem to overcome the mythical final fantasy ix? Here are a guide.

Stellazzio location

Get all the game of the game. The rewards for each one you bring are the following:

1. 1,000 gil2. Phoenix Pinion3. 2,000 Gil4. Bloody sword5. 5,000 Gil6. Elixir7. 10,000 gil8. Black belt9. 20,000 Gil10. ROSETTA1 RING. 30,000 Gil12. Robe of Lords13. Hammer

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