FIFA cheats 14 – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

Tips for throwing offenses and penalties

We teach you to throw offenses and penalties in the game in our guide.


We show you how to make the different celebrations in our guide.


We show you how to make the different dribbles of the game in our guide.

Soccer legend Unlock other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)


Legend He arrives in legend in one of the skill challenges in skill games

THE TROPHY COLLECTOR Win a division title in future seasons


You are going for the good way Unlocks 15% of the PR feats in Pro Clubs Pro

Legendary performance Win a party at legend after losing rest

Broken perfection Achieve a perfect hat-trick (right foot, left and head)

Football in the veins Exceeds a friend’s score in skill games

A challenge Complete a Match Day challenge in repetitions of the week in world or upper class difficulty

The color of gold Get a trophy in seasons

Young promise Appears in the team of the week during your career as a playerThe trophy is at stake Win a trophy as a team manager

ˇ A gold mine! Ojea and finds a player with any 3 attributes in the global transfer network in the race

ˇA on gold! and free! Complete all manager tasks in Fut

Reinforcements arrive Open 20 Fut envelopes

Best friends It ends a season in friendly online

Silver medal Complete the silver level in all skill gamesRising Achieves promotion in seasons

From below Reach level 15 in EA Sports Football Club


Every week a new challenge Challenge the week of the week in Fut

Do you want to play Fut? Follow a warning of alerts and news from Football Club to start or enter Fut

Court brothers A cooperative season begins with a friend

ˇWho skill! Unlock a skill challenge in skill games

A party? Play an informal match at Pro Clubs Pro

You have mail Open your entrance tray while you advance in the race

Extra effort Mark with a shot at the first touch sliding

To the second goes the defeated Recover the ball with a second entrance

Teamwork Win your first season game at Pro Clubs Pro

In beast mode A defense is removed with your arm to protect the ball

The great game Win a week’s game in the week

Take control Change your training in the direction of the team, in template, during your career

On my own Complete a challenge become pro any difficulty in repetitions of the week

Now we understand each other Gánate the loyalty of a player in future playing 10 or more games with him

Thanks for the advice Follow a recommendation of Football Club

Test chemistry Apply your first chemistry style consumable in Fut

From my part Give an article in the Football Club catalog to a friend

Power and movement Mark with a channel with effect

ˇ A great shot! Mark with a pumping volley

Long -term signing Apply a player contract of 99 catalog games to any player in Fut

It’s already mine I exchange an article from the Football Club catalog

Bracelet change Change your captain in Fut

Your first mission Send a scout to an area observation mission

A glove in the boot Mark with a shot done with the outside of the foot

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