FIFA cheats 14 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Bronze  Power and Movimientomarca with a channel with effect ˇ A great shot!Mark with a volley pumped in Bestiaaleja mode with the arm to a defense to protect the ball to the second is going to defend the ball with a second entry ˇ once it will be, champion!Clear the ball by throwing you head Extramarca effort with a shot to the first touch by sliding a glove in the boat with a shot done with the exterior of the foot ˇqué skill!Unlock a skill skill challenge, do you want to play Fut?Follow a warning and news of Football Club to start or enter the birth of a club Crea Aof chemistry in fut every week a new challenge to the team of the week in future change of bracetecambia to your captain in future long -term signing a player contract of 99 games of the catalog to any player in future your first missionAREA OBSERVATION MISSION Take the control your training in the direction of the team, in template?Play an informal match in Pro team work your first season game at Clubs Pro El Gran Party JUGATips a recommendation of Football Club of my partEregla An article of the Football Club catalog A friend is already myocanjea an article of the Football Club catalog Silver  Legendary performance A game at Legend level after losing the break Broken the perfect a perfect hat-trick (right foot, left foot and head) PlatoComplete medal The silver level in all skill games arrive the reinforcements of 20About gold! and free!Complete all manager tasks in Fut ˇuna gold mine!Ojea and finds a player with any 3 attributes in the global network transfer network a trophy as a team manager in the young race promise in the team of the week during your career as a player as a player in promotion ascent in seasons is at stakeThe color of the oroconscans a trophy in seasons best friends a season in friendly online you go by good caminodesblockLas VenasSpera the score of a friend in skill games from below level level 15 in EA Sports Football Club Gold  Leyendallega to legend in one of the skill challenges in the skill games the trophygana collector a division title into future seasons Platinum  Soccer legend gets the rest of the game trophies

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