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Easy communication towers

Liberate communication towers is one of the game’s tasks to discover new places on the map. They are not very difficult, they have little surveillance and climb them is fun.

But if you want to conquer them quickly and easily, there is a simple trick that speeds up this process: it gets one of the little helicopters and flies to the last floor – the radio has – and poses the vehicle. Liberate the tower, re -assemble and do the same with the rest. Thanks to the speed to travel and that you do not have to ascend through the building, it will be very easy for you to master the territory.

Trophy ‘Heaven falls’

You will need the ability to have resistant vehicles. Then go for a Buzzer (a small helicopter), which are in various places of the game, for example in X: 305 coordinates.0, Y: 422.8.

Look for an enemy, car or truck vehicle. In general they are close to control stalls or strengths, and areas such as airport. When you see one, go down and fly near the driver’s door, then press the corresponding button to remove the pilot. With this you will have achieved the trophy.

Kyrat masterGet all trophies.


The king is dead Decides the fate of Pagan Min (just campaign).

Bumper Learn all skills (just campaign).


Renaissance man A public game of each type of game of Kyrat battles (only Kyrat battles) ends.

Two less Decides the fate of Noore (just campaign).

Three in a row Decide Yuma’s fate (just campaign).

One less Decide the destiny of Paleur (just campaign).

All clear Release all positions (just campaign).

End of stream Liberate 8 bells (Campava only).

Rewrite the story Remove 30 propaganda posters (just campaign).

Lane change Make a vehicle elimination from the passenger seat (Cooperativa Campava only).

Popular champion It reaches range 5 of the sand (only sand campaign).

Community surprise Play on a better value map navigator (only maps browser).


Executor Complete 3 Eye orders per eye or murder (just campaign).

Illustrated Read 10 notes (just campaign).

Good student Learn 10 skills (just campaign).

Carefully walk Release any position in any way without activating any alarm (just campaign).

Made a brush Create 5 improvements for your team (just campaign).

The most exotic Complete 3 Companies of Kyrat Fashion Week (Solo Campań).

Raudales money Spend a total of 500,000 rupees on stores (just campaign).

Custom Buy all the painting accessories and designs of a weapon (just campaign).

With fangs Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (just campaign).

Four birds with a shot Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with an explosion (just campaign).

Deception It distracts 15 enemies with stones (just campaign).

Adequate taxes Turn 10 mani wheels (just campaign).

Professional photographer Mark 25 enemies with the camera (just campaign).

Welcome to Kyrat Join the golden path (just campaign).

Kingdom of death Kill 30 enemies with mortar projectiles (just campaign).

Force exhibition Conquest 2 strengths (just campaign).

From distance Kill a target with an arrow or a virote from 60 m or more (just campaign).

Exorcist Remove or destroy 15 Yalung masks (just campaign).

Two birds Use a sniper rifle to kill 2 targets with a shot (just campaign).

Bricomaniac Buy 3 objects for the Ghale hacienda (just campaign).

The sky falls Make an elimination from a Buzzer (just campaign).

Balanced Complete 6 hunting orders (supplies, control, survival) (just campaign).

ˇLlas to me! Kill 50 enemies with fire (just campaign).

Deactivator Complete 3 Companies for Deactivation of Bombs (Solo Campań).

True by wheel Kill 25 enemies while you shoot and drive (just campaign).

Brother in the fight Liberate 1 position playing as Hurk (only cooperative campaign).

Fight for good It reaches the Karma 2 level and buys any improvement of allies for saids (just campaign).

Justicie hand Eliminates 3 convoys from the anger of Pagan (only campaign).

Like a bird Fly 5000 meters with the air suit (just campaign).Robin Hood Steal 3 real load trucks and take them to a released position (just campaign).

Hit Run over 25 people (just campaign).

Advocate Rejects 3 reprisal teams in the positions (just campaign).

Deliver us from evil Free 12 positions (just campaign).

Motor crazy Complete 3 Kyrati Films Activities: Races or Kyrati Films: Survival (Campava only).

Overdose Discover Shangri-la (just campaign).

Without forgetting anyone Rescue 15 hostages in hostage rescue orders (Campava only).

Memory protector Find 10 Lost Letters (Solo Campańa).

Medicine man Create 15 syringes (just campaign).

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