Fallout Cheats: New Vegas – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Newcomer (bronze): reaches 10.ş level.

Supply (silver): reaches 20.ş level.

Here I command (silver): reaches 30.ş level.

Old friends (bronze): recruit a accompanying.

We are all (silver): recruit all accompanying.

Temporary (Bronze): Create 20 objects.

Accessories to me (bronze): install 20 modifications to weapons.

Walking through the Mojave (bronze): discover 50 places.

Mojave Master (Silver): Discover 125 places.

Trotamundos (Silver): Discover all snowballs.

I love and barter teacher (bronze): sells objects for a value of 10.000 plates.

Explosion teacher (bronze): causes damage for 10.000 points with energy weapons.

LOVE THE PUMP (BRONZE): CAUSE DAMAGES FOR 10.000 points with explosives.

Playing with lead (bronze): causes damage for 10.000 points with weapons.


All stimuli (bronze): cure 10.000 Damage points with stimulants.

New Vegas Samurai (bronze): causes damage for 10.000 points with body attack weapons.

Manitas (bronze): repair 30 objects.

Pirate of the Mojave (Bronze): Hackea 25 terminals.

Class sausage (bronze): steals 50 pockets.

Speaker cum laude (bronze): starts 50 conversational challenges.

Desert Survivor (Bronze): Cura 10.000 Damage points with food.

Camorrista (bronze): causes damage for 10.000 points without weapons.

Played player (bronze): wins 3 caravan games.

Manco bandit (bronze): Play 10 rounds in the slots.

The Wheel of Fortune (Bronze): Play 10 rounds in the roulette.

Double or nothing (bronze): Play 10 hands of blackjack.

Caravan teacher (silver): wins 30 caravan games.

The messenger who broke the bank (silver): get you to be veined in all the Strip casinos.

Difficult (gold): Play from beginning to end in the difficult way.

What a kick in the head (bronze): Complete often patadón in the head.

They went there (silver): complete they went there.

ˇRing-a-ding! (Silver): Complete ˇring-a-ding!

The house always wins (silver): complete the house always wins.

ˇPor the Republic! (Silver): Complete ˇpor the Republic!

When Caesar is from César (silver): César completes what is from Caesar.

Grother (silver): Complete wild card.

All or nothing (bronze): complete all or nothing.

Veni, Vidi, Vici (Bronze): Complete Veni, Vidi, Vici.

ˇEureka! (Bronze): Complete ˇeureka!

Without gods there are no teachers (bronze): complete without gods there are no teachers.

Fly with me (bronze): Complete fly with me.

Talented list (bronze): complete talent list.

Return to the recipient (bronze): complete return to the recipient.

The murderer of Arizona (Bronze): The murderer of Arizona completes.

When it happens, you will know (bronze): complete when it happens, you will know.

G.Yo. Blues (Bronze): Complete G.Yo. Blues.

The Sun of Fortune (Bronze): Complete the Sun of Fortune.

ˇVolare! (Bronze): Complete ˇvolare!

The legend of the star (bronze): complete the legend of the star

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Complete all game trophies.

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