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Play like Bruce Lee

Complete the career mode in unlocking the mythical martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

Unlock Royce Gracie

There are several ways to unlock Royce Gracie, including DLC payment. The most economical way is to finish the Race in Difficulty or higher, and you can use it in the medium weight division.

The Ultimate Fighter ™ Win all trophies.


Ancestors Enter the Hall of Fame in the highest difficulty in the race mode.

Gracie pride Get 12 consecutive victories for submission in the career mode.

Does not arrive with trying Complete all training challenges.


MASS BATH Win 50,000 fans in career mode.

To the limit Avoid descending in 10.ş Combat of a season in championships.

Leaving its mark Win 5 consecutive fighting in career mode.

At the summit Win an UFC title in Carrera mode.

ˇShowtime! Hear your opponent with a kick on the cage.

ˇ You won! Manages to ascend in 10.ş Combat of a season in championships.

I prefer standing, thanks. Get five or more demolitions in a single fight.

The Prodigy Complete the career mode with an index of victories greater than 85%.

The arm that feeds you Submit to your opponent in the first assault with a arm key.

Submission season A season ends in championships by subjecting all your opponents.

Night submission Win an action of the night through submission.

Are you hurry? A fight ends in the first 60 seconds.

Ko of the night Win a night performance through a ko.

Iron heart Recover a stun and end up with your opponent in the same assault.

False security sensation End up with your opponent in the final 10 seconds of the last assault.

Cleanly End with your opponent without having fallen to the ground or make any blockade.Ko season It ends a season in championships leaving KO to all your opponents.

The art of the 8 extremities Connects pupus, kick, knee and left elbow./der. In the same assault.

Night Combat Win a combat bonus in the race mode.


to the top! Manage to ascend in online championships.

Placing the first stone Win the first skill in career mode.

THE MOST OF THE CLASS Get an anticipated ascent in championships.

Steel chin Survive a stunning.

candidate! Fight for a title in career mode.

The great moment Fight on the main billboard of an UFC event in the race mode.

ˇCONTRATE WITH UFC! The Ultimate Fighter wins in the race mode.

Amos or enemies? Complete a rivalry.

In the spotlight Send a prominent moment to Fighternet.

The first victory Win your first fight in career mode.

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