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Easy rare items

You need a Strider class character. Make up level until you get the “master thief” ability. Then, go to the road north of Gran Soren, and when you pass the bridge you will find a random pawn. Use the ability in it, and you will receive two items, which will frequently be rare type. Get away from him, until you see him, come back and you can steal again. Repeat the process as many times as you want.


The prologue starts completed.

Go ahead you have left Cassardis.

A new ally your own pawn convened.

Put your head accepted in the recruitment body.


Great document you have received a castle document.

Arrival at the Court had a hearing with the Duke.

The message you have received the distinction of the Duke.

A rugged landing you have completed the urgent mission.

Back to the home accepted the roof sword of God.

Traicionrote you have looked at the depths of the world.

Freedom you have fought the yoke of eternity.

Mercyhahas assaulted the blow of liberation.

Soledad you have obtained the omnipotent capacity of sovereignty.


Pazte you have taken refuge in an illusion.

The day laborer has completed 50 Missions of the plank.

Human resource changed vocation.

The veteranhohas defeated at 3.000 enemies.

Head collector you have defeated a hydra or archihydra.

Visual contact you have defeated a evil eye.

Roof of sierpeshas defeated a Draco, a Sierpe or a Guiverno.

Local recruit directly recruited to a pawn in your group.

Recruit foreigners you have recruited a pawn from the other side of the fault in your group.

The captain has recruited a large number of pawns.

Inhumanoha resource changed the vocation of your main pawn.

El Salvador you have used the stone of awakening to return life to the dead.

The rascal has obtained a falsification.

The artisanhas combined two materials to create an object.

Well equipped you have obtained a total of 350 weapons and armor components.

The jester you have dressed a male member of the group with women.

The philanthropist you have delivered 50 gifts.

The escort: You have been a good travel company.

Affinity and beyond you have increased the affinity of a person to the maximum.

In the cave of the stalactites you have entered the celestial caverns.

In the old quarry they entered the old quarry.

In the skim flawed you have entered the rapter flashing.

In the residence you have entered the residence of the Duke.

In the border caverns you have entered the Southwest caves.

The tourist you have visited 50 places.

The vagabond you have visited 100 places.

Madeleine’s patronashas to open the store.


The herohas completed all the missions that are not from the plank.

The specialist has learned all the skills of a vocation.

The blacksmith you have forged with the dragon’s power an element of your team.

The explorer you have visited 150 places.

The coin collector you have won a total of 10.000.000 gold coins.


Conclusion you have ended all things. The Messiah have defeated the Ur-Dragon. The wheel that does not stop you have completed the adventure for the second time.


The authentic Arisenhas achieved all other Dragon’s Dogma trophies.

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