Dragon’s Crown cheats – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Online mode

The game has a very interesting cooperative mode, but it is not available from the beginning. If you want to unlock it, you must win the first nine bosses, each belonging to a dungeon.

Once available, you can travel that path or the alternative with other online users.

Coliseum mode and chaos labyrinth

The game has two blocked modes that you can only access when finishing it in normal. They are Colosseum and Labyrinth of Chaos mode.

Bronze The Adventure Begins…COMPLETE YOUR GRACE MISIONFAntASTIC Fightercomplete The Game As a Fighteramazing Amazoncomplete The Game As An Amazondazzling Dwarfcomplete The Game As a dwarfepic Elfcomplete The Game As a dwarfwondrous Wizardcomplete The Game As a WizardScintillating Sorceress at the ancient dragon within 2 minute on normalthe stolen systemThe Royal Scepterlucain’s Bonesobtain The Bones of the Magician Lucainsubterranean Subterfugesuccess Fully Gather Intel From Bilbaron FortressDisappearing Damselslsunravel The Mystery Behind The Missing Village Girlsroyal Orterrieve The Royal Orbpurify nestonesacquire the Rune Stonesdraconic Dissertationsacquire Research On The Ancient Dragonnovice Art Collectorobtain 1 Piece of Treasure ArtdabblingCollectorobtain 5 pieces of tresure artamateur collectorobtain 10 pieces of treasure artart loverbtain 15 pieces of treasure artart artart Ces of Treasure Artrenowned Art Expertobtain45 PIES OF TREASURE ARTGALLERY OWNEROBTAIN 50 PIECES OF TREASURE ARTITALISMANOBTAIN TO TALISMANTALISMASTEROBTAIN ALL THE TALISMANSCRID AND PUNISHMENTYOU WER THRWN IN JAIL 10 Times. Poor Impulse Control Leads to multiple incarcerationsoniomaniacbuy all the items in the storesulliedclear a round Without Taking Taking Damageinsatiable Adventurerclear All 9 Rounds in The Labyrint Without Returning To Townsaviorpurchase A Life Point for AD AD AAD COMPANION COMPANION COMPANION Vout followerffer 100000 Gold to the Goddesssking of the ColosseumbeThe Champion of The Colosseum Ten Timesthree-Star Chefscore Over 50000 Points During CampSilver Hardcore Heroconquer The Game On Hard DifficuryConquerordefeat The Ancient Dragon Within 3 Minutes on Hardthe Destroyerdefeat The Anciente Dragon Within 4 Minutes on Infernalgourmandeat All The Different Food That Can Be Made At Camparagonreach Level 99legendary Strikedeal.000 Damage in One Strikebest of the Bestear will over 5.000.000 Points in One AdventureGold BLAZING HEROCONQUER THE GAME ON INFERNAL DIFFFICCULDER TO CHAOSDEFAAT THE DEMON LORD IN THE LABYRINTH OF CHOOSMUSEUM OWNERFILL THE ENTIRE TREASURE ART GALLERYPlatinum Dragon’s Crown gets the rest of the game trophies

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