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Unlock characters

  • Android 17: expires to the Nş17 in the Dragon Universe mode with Piccolo.
  • Android 18: Complete the Dragon Universe with Krilin.
  • Bardock: At the beginning of the Universe Dragon, it reaches the Raditz ship, and you will get the character about the interrogation symbols.
  • Brolly: see him the second time you play with Goku instead of fighting Kid Buu.
  • Captain Ginyu: expires Captain Ginyu in Dragon Universe with Goku mode.
  • Cell: see him in Dragon Universe mode with Gohan Niño.
  • Cooler: After beating Freezer with Goku in the second time you play, fight with Vegeta Super Saiyan and then the Red Cooler point will appear.
  • Dabura: In the story mode, see it with Gohan.
  • Dr. Gero: see it at the Dragon Universe with Yamcha.
  • Freezer: see it in the du with Goku.
  • Gogeta (Level 2): Trains Gotenks at the World Tournament Arena after beating Broly at the Dragon Universe.
  • Gogeta (Level 4): Instead of fighting with Kid Buu, look for Goku (once with Level 4 capsule). See him and you will get the maximum merger of Gogeta.
  • Gogeta capsule: with Goku or Vegeta instead of fighting Uub or Brolly, fight against the fusion of Trunks and Goten.
  • Adult Gohan: Complete the Dragon Universe mode with Gohan.
  • Goten: win Goten with Gohan in Du.
  • Gotenks: Buy the capsule in the store.
  • Great Saiyaman: ends the du with Gohan
  • Kid Buu: see it in the du with Goku
  • Kid Goku: Complete Du with Broly.
  • Kid Trunks: beat Majin Buu with Vegeta in the DU.
  • Majin Buu: see him in the du with Goku.
  • Collect: see it in the du with Goku.
  • Super Buu: see it in the du with Goku.
  • Teen Gohan: end the du with Kid Gohan.
  • Trunks: Complete the DU with Vegeta.
  • Uub: beat Kid Buu wearing the energy ball with Goku.
  • Vegeta: see it with Goku in the du.
  • Vegito: Vénce to Super Buu inside BUU’s body in Du, with Vegeta or Goku
  • Videl: Meeting in the “Plains” zone in the DU with Gohan.

    Unlock Cell Jr.

    After obtaining the Battle Arena mode and play a series of fighting to increase your level, a message will appear: “A new opponent has arrived”. You will fight Cell Jr. And if you sell it you will get the character.

    Thanks to Gabriel Silgado for this trick.

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