Extra characters

Complete the task indicated to activate the following characters:

Maxwell: Complete adventure mode.Wendy: Survive 32 days (640 experience points).Wes: rescue it when it appears randomly in adventure mode.Wickerbottom: Survive 64 days (1.280 experience points).Willow: survives 8 days (160 experience points).Wolfgang: survives 16 days (320 experience points).Woodie: survives 80 days (1.600 experience points).WX-78: Survive 488 days (960 experience points).

Unlock characters in Reign of Giants

Webber The spots will sometimes release their heads by defeating them. Find it in a grave.

Wigfrid Win 1920 experience points enduring 96 days.

Public trophies: The Firestarter (Bronze): Unlock Willow.The Strongman (Bronze): Unlock Wolfgang.The Bereaved (Bronze): Unlock Wendy.The Soulless Automaton (Bronze): unlocks WX-78.The Librarian (bronze): unlocks Wickerbottom.The Lumberjack (bronze): unlocks woodie.The Silent (bronze): unlocks wes.The Puppetmaster (Silver): Unlock Maxwell.

Secret Trophies: Gold: Look at my work, Almighty: Build an action.Gold: ˇ…and despair!: Use the actionshrine 725 times.

Platinum: Get all trophies.

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