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In Colin McRAe: Dirt complete his first career of dirt Tour

Complete driving school the tutorials in Gymkhana of the Academy.

Famous Complete 5 Bono Race Objectives.

A proof of all win after using a flash-back when the car was destroyed.

So calls!Take the fullest all kinds of acrobatics in a gymkhana championship event.

Do not waste time win a rally in the Tour the dirt with the internal view with HUD off.

The self-preservation of the company’s company a career without using the Mini Cooper had suffered any damage.

AIR MILESGANA at least one race in each city.

Evolution of concentration Victory dirt on the cars racks of every decade.

Growing talent reaches level 10 reputation pilot.

In the free airbatir the sled in Norway DC Challenge Execution speed.

DC Plataconquiring all silver medals in the DC Challenge.

Gold DCGANA All gold medals in the CC challenge.

Domingo Salid as 25% of the Missions composed of Battersea.

Driving complete a joyride with at least 3 players.

The professional completes your first pro tour in multiplayer mode.

The way ahead compartment 25 multiplayer games (pro tour and jam session).

Honor pilot competes in a multiplayer race safely.

Hunter wheels completes a game of avoiding negative points invasion (pro tour).

No way!Survive the outbreak avoiding a phase of the infection (pro tour and jam session).

Salvation in the role of mice in a game of ‘N’ of the cat mouse, take your team to victory (Jam session).

Rubabandiera in a conveyor game steals the flag at least 5 times (pro tour).

The king’s king wins a multiplayer race in the championship mode.


Coursosobte the platinum medal in each Gymkhana tutorial.

Through the wheels!Gymkhana wins a podium in the academy.

Another Pococompleta 25 Objectives Bono Carrera.

California dreams wins a tournament on the X Games podium.

Dolk determination Tour win races with cars from each discipline.

Forecast for today … the victory!Climate.

A Tournament on the Winter X Games podium under zerogana.

This is done!Reaches level 20 reputation pilot.

The world -famous to win races and meets the challenge in a DC event around the world

Passionate about the gymkhana championships in the return to dirt

Challenger dccomplete all CC challenges.

The derivation scored 25.000 points in DC Challenge Deriva Showcase.

Perfect shot makes a perfect performance in the Gymkhana DC Sprint.

The wars non-botestruy all the robots in the challenge of CC attack Smash.

Gymcarnaioconsigue 500.000 points at a Gymkhana event.

Provision to frame conquer all platinum medals in the CC challenge.

Acrobat completes 50% of the batters compound missions.

Burned tires Complete 75% of the buildings of the Battersea mission.

Join the group a game in each group mode (pro tour and jam session).

Obtaining the trophy wins 10 multiplayer games (pro tour and jam session).

Superstarfans wins enough to become a superstar.


A total batter.

Eat my dust!Reach level 30 reputation pilot.

Show superseriesganar the Superseries DC championship.

Glorious dirt lob all victories in the events of dirt Tour

Platinum Get all Dirt 3 trophies.

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