Dirt 3 Cheats Complete Edition – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Platinum trophy Get all trophies


Battersea beaten Complete 100% of Battersa Compound missions

From dust to glory Reaches first positions in all tests of the DIRT championship


The plugged in Get a platinum medal in all Gymkhana Academy tutorials

Platinum performance Get platinum medals in all DC challenges

Gold DC Get gold medals in all challenges

DC applicant Complete all DC challenges

Gymcarnicería Get 500.000 points in a Gymkhana test

Superseries champion Win the DC Superseries Championship

Motivated Win DIRT championship races with vehicles from all disciplines

Gymkhana fan Complete all Gymkhana Championships

ˇMorded the dust! Reach the reputation level 30

Asphalt king Win an online career in wild mode


Self -conservation Society He wins a DIRT championship race with the Mini Cooper without suffering damage

The Non-Bots War Hits all robots in the DC Smash Attack challenge

Perfect sprint Complete a clean race in a DC Gymkhana Sprint challenge

Exhibition spills Get 25.000 points per skidside in a DC Drift Showcase challenge

I am an ace! Nail all types of cheats into a gymkhana championship test

Reputation push Complete 5 Extra career goals

Accident -proof Use a flashback in the Dirt championship after suffering irreparable damage and then wins the race

The kilometer of the difference Complete 25 Extra Career Objectives

Pasteing a little Complete 25% of Battersa Compound missions

Donut addict Complete 50% of Battersa Compound missions

Burned rubber Complete 75% of the Compound Battersea Missions

The forecast is… victory! Win a career in all types of climatic conditions

Driving school Complete the Gymkhana Academy tutorials

Entry into matter Complete your first DI championship race

Road trip Complete an online joyride mission with at least 3 more players

Assistance is useless Win a DIRT championship race without driving aid

The professional Complete your first race of the Pro Championship. on-line

Pacemaker Complete a counterreloj race with a vehicle of each rally class

The trophy in tow Win 10 online games (in Pro Championship. o Jam session)

World renown Win the races and exceed the DC challenge of a World Tour test

The road ahead Complete 25 online games (in Pro Championship. o Jam session)

Air miles Win a race in each location

Honorable pilot An online multiplayer race ends with “cautious” rating

I will see you in the goal Reach the reputation level 20

Dominated address Complete an invasion game without negative points (Pro Championship.)

Revelation pilot Reach the reputation level 10

ˇ Look, but not touch! That do not infect you in an outbreak round (in Pro Championship. o Jam session)

Rally evolution Win a DIRT championship race with a rally car at each decade

ˇFor all cheeses! Be the mouse in a game of cat ‘n’ mouse, where your team wins the game (Jam session)

HERO Under Zero Reach the podium in the Winter X Games Tournament

Banderas thief Steal the flag to the opposite team 5 times in a transport game (Pro Championship.)

California dreams Reach the podium in the X Games tournamentJoin the band Win a game in each of the multiplayer group modes (in Pro Championship. o Jam session)

Genuine Wins a rally race in the Dirt championship without the inner camera or the

ˇ Bólido entertainment! Go to the podium on Gymkhana AcademyDC Silver Get silver medals in all challenges

Superstar Get enough fans to achieve the title of “Superstar”

Fleeting sled Win the Bobsleight sled in the Norway Speed Run DC challenge

Trophosdel DLC Power and Glory

Silver: Five Cinetics Win 5 online races with cars from the Power and Gloria package (Pro Championship./Jam session)

Bronze: New racing Drives all cars from the power and glory package

Bronze: New cheats Win a Gymkhana test with a car of the power and glory package

Bronze: Service History Win a DIRT championship test with a car of the power and glory package and custom adjustments.

MUD and GUTS DLC Trophies

Silver: Five cyclones Win 5 online races with mud and guts./Jam session)

Bronze: animated group Conduct all the cars of the mud and gut package

Bronze: ˇojo with the sheet! Complete a clean race with a car of the mud and gut package

Bronze: Night pilot Win a night race with a mud and gut pack

DLC Mount Carlo trophies

Bronze: The Great Victoire It reaches first positions in all the tests of Monte Carlo of the Dirt Championship.

Bronze: counterreloj Complete a counterreloj in Monte Carlo

Bronze: The tourist It conducts more than 100 miles (161 km) in Monte Carlo

Bronze: French connection Win an online race in Monte Carlo (Jam Session)

DLC X Games Asia trophies

Bronze: Tokyo stories Reaches first positions in all Shibuya tests of the Dirt championship.

Bronze: Punta Time Complete a counterreloj in Shibuya

Bronze: quarrels Leave the total sinister car in Shibuya

Bronze: Urban Pilot Win an online race in Shibuya (Jam Session)

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