Diablo III cheats: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

Diablo III Platinum Trophy: Reaper of Souls You have achieved all other Devil III trophies: Reaper of Souls.


Elite equipment Reach level 70 with 6 different classes.To infinity and beyond (unconditional) Reach level 70 in unconditional mode.


Monster murderer Kill 500 elite enemies.

Mince Kill the butcher.

Failure -proof Complete a nephem fault in 15 min.

The strongest does not fear death Kill Malthael in unconditional way.

The Lord of Lie Kill Belial.

Terror reign Kill Devil in unconditional mode.

That death separate us Kill Malthael.

Executioner Kill 500 monsters in Nepalem Falls.

The Lord of Sin Kill Azmodan.

500 batch Complete 500 contracts.

She? Kill Adria.

Need and greed Kill 100 Treasury Carriers.

The major demon Kill Devil.

Tailor-made Forge 100 objects.

I am burned Kill Urzael.

To infinity and beyond Reach level 70.

Legen… wait… ˇDARY! Equipate all inventory boxes with legendary objects that require level 70 or more.


Like new Ask a merchant to repair an object.

A powerful stone Complete act II.

Killer. Torturer. Monster. Kill Zoltun Kulle.


The last Horadrim Complete act I.

The devouring mass Kill Ghom.

A new beginning Complete 5 contracts.

Like an elephant in a pot Get the “destruction” message for breaking 50 objects.

Personalized order Forge 5 objects.

Gemology Ground a gem in an object. The blacksmith nş 12 Go to the blacksmith to level 12.

Fear to the reaper Complete act V.

Precious stones Go to the jeweler at level 12.

Rompeasedios Kill the beast of beside beside.

Mystic Myriam Raise to mystique at level 12.

The price of sin Complete act III.


The fall of the crazy king Kill the skeleton king.

Change of course Replaces a property with enchantment.Three is a crowd Recruit the three followers.

Mystical land Acquire the services of mystique.

Accommodated Collect 500 000 gold.

Jeweler’s Combine gems.

Victory and sacrifice Complete act IV.

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