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Change genre of the warrior

If you have advanced a lot in the game and want to change the genre of your character, go to the little beach that has two ogres, just after Things Betwixt. Behind the ogros there is an open medium coffin. Enter and you will change the genre.

Easy titanita

Titanita is a scarce element that can be found and buy in the world of Dark Souls. These are the locations:

– 800 souls of the blacksmith in Majula (10 pieces).- McDUff on the Bastille (infinity).- Girl at the entrance of the Valley of the Harvest (infinity).- Herrero daughter (one piece).

Bronze  This is Dark Soulmuere for the first time ancient memories ”your body is related and it continues as a non -dead ultimate giant overcome the last giant oath brilliarROIDDODESCERA ORING THE Oath of Rodents Outside the Fourteen Oath of the Ancient Disconcern the Oath Oath of the Competent of the competent ones, the oath of the competent oath abysmal oath

Silver  King Ring The Ancient Dragon King Ring The Heart of Ashes Neblina Bonfire of the sinner contends the primal stake in the hose of the sinners bonfire of the torreón de Hierro contends the primigenia bonfire in the iron tower bonfire of the gorgeing the primal bonfire in the gorgeBlack Stone Bonfire Blind the primal bonfire in the teena bright stone Tseldora gentleman of the mirror overdue the gentleman of the veg mirror expired to VERDRICK SUPREMARY ARMMilagros prepares all the miracles master of the pyromancia pretends all the master pyromances of the malleficious ones, it pretends all the maleficios curious map, all the flames of the majula map change from Ropadale to Rosabeth of melfia something that put an exile meeting the population of Majula Espadón de Luz de LunBenhart team from the Guardian Juice of FuerteHereda The team of Captain Drummond Lucatielhereda The Luctah Herrero Life Herrero team The McDuff team Firm Hands Avaro Locouazherea The team of the master of stairs gilligan reflections about the soul the head of the Avegarl head Gold  The throne heir looks at the altruistic donor ending the maximum devotion to an oath

Platinum  The dark soul gets the rest of the game trophies

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