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All collectibles

This video shows where to get all Cell collectibles of the game: 38 Datapads, 6 propaganda posters and 20 black boxes.

25 Nanotraje improvements

Here we tell you how to get the 25 improvements of the nanotraje. If you are lost, use the scanner and give you clues to find them:

Mission 2:

IMPROVEMENTS 1-4: At the moment when your suit works badly, they tell you where to get them, they are part of the story.

Improves 5: When they give you the goal of hacking a cell capsule. Go to her, take it and you will find the fifth improvement kit.

Improvement 6: When exploring the train station, an objective will appear on a line of pulloline. Use it, turn right and explore the train car to find the improvement.

Mission 3:

7. At the beginning of the mission you will find on the left a bunker in alarm. Enter the door, hacke the Cell capsule and you will find the improvement.

8. In the tower further north of the dam, within the generator’s room, you will find the improvement after terminals.

9. After leaving the dam you will find an indicator that takes you to an injured helicopter. Among the remains you will find the ninth improvement kit.

10. After a confrontation against a Cell team you can search for a cave that takes you to an area with items and the tenth improvement kit.

eleven. After a circular shape there is a lake, if you dive you will find the eleventh kit.

12. In a blue building inside Cell facilities you will find the twelfth kit.

Mission 4:

13. In the Chinese market at the beginning of the mission you will find a Cell supply center on the second floor of a destroyed building. If you enter you will find the thirteenth kit.

14. After climbing some stairs and reaching a zip that is inside the primary target, explore the hall to the left and you will find the kit on a table.

fifteen. Inside the Cell laboratory, look for a supply closet at the center to find the kit.

16. After lowering the stairs to meet Psycho, you will pass from a room to the right with a kit hanging on a wall.

Mission 5:

17. To the right of the tube that makes bridge between roofs, jump to the roof of the right, let yourself fall on the roof and you will find a kit.

18. Before arriving at the CEPH target, looking behind a building to find a kit in an empty area.

19. After Claire’s call, when she reached destroyed vehicles, she looks among armored vehicles destroyed to find a kit.

twenty. When they give you the optional objective to destroy the defense system of the command center, look under the basements of the base to find a kit.

Mission 6:

twenty-one. In a Cell ammunition closet, just spending the first objective.

22. When you are going to destroy the second air defense of the CEPH, use the scanner to find the kit.

23. Complete the first secondary objective and you will find the kit inside a nearby cave.

24. Within the remains of an injured vtol, which is your second optional objective.

Mission 7:

25. Upon entering the CEPH parts of the Metro, you will go through a narrow corridor that has a projection with a cell ammunition box. Scan the outgoing to find the last kit.

Platinum Get all the trophies available in Crysis 3.


Professional superhero Complete the campaign in the supersolded difficulty.


The specialist Achieve stealthy casualties, start and launch and air coup in the same game (public departure).

DIY Get two casualties with a throwing object in the same game (only public departure).

Nanotraje veteran Complete 3 levels of 7 in veteran difficulty.

On the way to hell Complete 3 levels of 7 in the supersolded difficulty.

Without underwear Get a decline with the main, secondary and explosive weapon in a life (only public departure).

For all Complete the campaign in veteran difficulty.

Neighborhood party Complete a game in all New York locations (only public departure).

Equipped A player: unlock all arms devices.

Sted A player: improves all nanotrax modules at the maximum level.

Interrupting is rude It starts an enemy player from an issuer (only public departure).

Post-human warrior A player: kills 10 enemies in a single increase in overload.

I see camouflaged people Kill 10 hunters as a cell phone operation (only public departure).

Internal work A player: kills 10 enemies with pirated centinel weapons.

Savior of the world The campaign ends in any difficulty.

Would you mind…? Accept and complete 25 special challenges.


Collection hunter A player: recovers 10 arrows of enemies raised against walls.

Maximum strength A player: kills 25 enemies using the improved powers of Nanotraje instead of weapons.

ˇIt professional and use the arc! A player: kills 10 enemies with each type of arrow.

ˇFlecha to the knee! A player: ends with the career of an operation Cell widing it in the knee with an arrow.

Improviser A player: kills 2 enemies in a single attack using the environment.

table tennis! Human only: Kill all emitters.

Stay there nailed A player: With the arrow arrows, it skewers 10 enemies against walls.

ˇChica List! A player: get a stealthy decline from an CEPH hunter.

Polytergeist A player: kill 10 enemies with throwing objects without detecting you.

Treasury star Reach range 20.

Benefits of work A player: keep a package of nanotraje modules.

Victim on the road Nascent Red Star: crushes 5 enemies with buggy.

The authentic measure of a hero Complete gods and monsters.


The Lord of the Issuers Kill 25 enemies with the issuer (only public departure).

Who wants missiles? Post-human: Cake an attack helicopter with the predatory arch.

In the belly of the beast Complete only human.

An impeccable flight Complete welcome to the jungle.

Raptor Execute an air blow on someone from a height of 15 meters (only public departure).

Grilled A player: kills a deer with explosive arrows.

At the edge of the apocalypse Complete -nascent Red Star.

Accumulate knowledge A player: recover all Cell information.

Sit me again Hit someone with a shield started in a lance game (only public departure).

Try your own medicine A player: kills 25 enemies being overloaded.

Turn the omelette Complete without insurance.

I’ll take it! A player: starts and uses all types of alien weapon.

Without connection Complete the origin of all evil.

The Gibson A player: Complete 20 PIRATURE CHALLENGES.

welcome to the Jungle! Complete post-human.

Ninja del Nanotraje A player: get 20 stealthy casualties without alerting nearby enemies.

Air support Kill 10 enemies with the mounted weapon of the VTOL (only public game).

With the five senses Complete the tutorial.

Learn to walk without wheels Complete a game using only manual armor mode (only public departure).

Are you heard me? Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the transmitter of nanotraje interference.

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