Crash Team Racing cheats – PS One – Cheat codes, Guides


In the main menu, click L1 + R1 and without releasing them clicks:

To have more power in the turbos:

Triangle, down, x, x, round and right.


up, x, x, down, right, x, x, above.

Uka uka infinite:

left., triangle, right, left., Round, right, below, x, x.

Infinite bombs:

triangle, right, down, right, up, triangle, left.

Secret characters:

Papu Papu: left., triangle, dercha, down, right, round, left., X, X, below.

Komodo: Below, round, left., x, x, triangle, right, down.

PINSTRIPE: IZQ., right, triangle, down, right, down.

Thanks to Gecko for the trick.

Infinite masks

You can get infinite masks as follows: you keep pressured L1 and R1;Left pulses, triangle, right, left right circle two down and listen to a sound like a bell.

Trick by Ricardo Aguirre Venturo .

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