Cheats Valiant Hearts: The Great War Psn – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides


… others not The game ends.


In front, marching Iza the flag at the end of the basic training.

so close yet so far! French army flee with Anna and Karl.

Some will survive… Save Karl.

YPRES DIANA Touches the bell 3 times on Ypres.

Revenge is not equal to happiness Defeat the Baron von Dorf.

Guardian of brothers Save all your platoon during the battle of Somme.

King of Colina 145 Shoot the German flag with the sack on Vimy’s crest.

Healing hero Save Karl for the third time without making mistakes.

Good dog Caresses the dog.Cabbie Complete 1 mission with the taxi without deteriorating it.

High fire? Fort Douaumont ends.

Forget, never Find 5 historical objects.

A flash of hope Take Karl under the Zepelin.

In honor of the fallen Find 50 historical objects.

Everything is fire and death… Look how the Zepelin crashes.

Always in the memory Find all historical objects.

A new friendship is born Shoot the tractor before crush to Emile.

Knowledge is power Read 30 historical data.

The kind laundress Take all clothing bags.

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