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Better end (all survive)

There are six possible finals. All the characters die in the worst.

For the best end they must all be saved . These are the key elections:

Ashley : Sacrifice Josh and not Ashley. In chapter 9, do not choose to investigate the noise and see with the rest of the group, if you decide to investigate, do not open the hatch.

Chris : In chapter 6, do not notice Ashley with the gun, point to your head. In Chapter 8, it shoots all enemies with the shotgun and Ashley can enter without problems.

Emily : In Chapter 8, make the room escape and the Qte does not fail.

Jessica : In chapter 4, choose the most dangerous paths for Mike. In Chapter 10, he always chooses the option to hide and complete all QTE.

Josh : Find all the tracks or may not identify your sister’s tattoo.

Matt : In chapter 6, do not shoot the animals while exploring with Emily. On the radio of the tower, choose to jump safely and do not help Emily. To save Emily, you must have the flags gun with you.

Mike : As with Sam, you have the option to save Mike or hit the light. Choose Save Mike, then scare yourself.

Sam : No Qte Falles and Hide Of The Wendigos.

Location of all collectibles (tracks and totems)

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Events of the past

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