Cheats Tony Hawk underground – PS2 – Cheat codes, Guides


Most cheats are executed in the Trick Submenu, within the Options Menu:

  • Unlock all video sequences: Go to the trick menu and enter “Digivid”
  • Unlock everything: introduce “Havethemall” in the trick menu. Another alternative code is “Thekitchensink”.
  • Luna gravity mode: introduces “Noforce” in the trick menu.
  • Walk through the walls: to execute this trick you have to first have the “moon gravity” mode already executed. Within the game, approach a wall and press X and square and you will be walking through the wall.
  • Perfect balance in the Grinds: introduces “Letitslide” in the trick menu.
  • “Manual” Perfect: Go to the trick menu and introduce “Keepitsteady”.
  • Unlock the create-a deck mode (create a table): to unlock the create-a deck mode, complete the “Slamma Jamma” phase in the story mode.
  • Unlock street skaters: find all the “game gaps”.
  • Unlock Gene Simmons and the secret level: the story mode ends at normal level. You will unlock Gene de Kiss and the “Hotter Than Hell” level. At that level, in addition, if you find the letters k–s-s unlock a short of a Kiss concert. If you find them the group will make a live concert for you.
  • Unlock the hangar: in Moscow, look for a brown building near the tanks. Surround it until you see the face that is connected to Christmas lights. Go up the building and make a grind on those lights, until you reach another building. There it jumps to a nearby window that will take you to the room where the object that will unlock the hangar is located.
  • Unlock Venice: in Hawaii, look for the statue of Tiki, squir it to its mouth and follow the tunnel until the end, where the object that will unlock Venice will be unlock.
  • Unlock Iron Man: the story mode ends (at any level) to achieve it.
  • All extras: If you get all the challenges (129 in total), you can get: new special movements, child mode, scooter mode, always especially and skitch, grind and perfect manual.

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