Shaun of the Dead

Look for the image of a man named Shaun who has tried to jump a gate. Does it sound like something?

Easy money

The easiest way to get money.

Camouflage weapons

Unlock the supply line to get camouflage equipment.

Reference to Breaking Bad

What do Johnathan Pinkman and William White sound?


An armchair on a car, wink at Mr’s humor. Bean.

Reference to Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty series follower? You will find posters in several locations of a man who has been shouting “Wuba Luba Dub-Dub”, refers to these cartoons.

Reference to Sons of Anarchy

Another of the series that is mentioned in The Division, Sons of Anarchy, with the image of Saviors of New York.

Wink to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A pizza in New York with Nunchakus can only mean that Michaelangelo has passed through here.

A review of the main missions of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Collectibles (documents)

All documents to find in New York.

Easy experience

Tips to get experience quickly.

Perks, skills and talents explained

Understand how perks, skills and talents work with the following video.

Wink to Adventure Time

Mention to Batman

You will find references to Joker Nicholson -The Joker played by Jack Nicholson-.

Mention to Tom Clancy

It is logical that The Division includes a mention to Tom Clancy, the deceased writer made some years ago. In several locations you will find posters of a man named “Tom Clancy” with the comment “The H is mute”.


Go to the Apartament Building in the W corner. 29th St. and 9th Ave. There is a wooden door with the United States flag. Look for the third apartment in Chelsea to find Grow Home and Rayman Board Games: Raving Rabbids

In Manhattan, in the first base of operations, the mission that requires cleaning the postal office begins. It is between 31st and 33rd st. from Pennsylvania Plaza at the 8th Avenue. You can find Sam Fisher’s glasses at Splinter Cell.

Enter Highlow Electronics Store between W. 22nd st. and 8th AVE to locate a copy of World in Conflict.

Enter the Safe House of 43rd St. and 2nd Ave. To find references to Ubisoft, Grow Home and For Honor.

Easy technology

Follow the path indicated in the video to get advanced technology, necessary for arms level 31 of the Dark Zone. You can get 23 boxes every 10 minutes approximately. Note: If someone has already looted it, it will not give any amount during that time. The boxes reappear every two hours on the server. To change server, restart the game or join a different player.

Virus research

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