Cheats The Sims 3 What Fauna! – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


ˇBuena Mascota!: Praise or scold a pet enough times to add a feature.Sit down! play dead!: Win more than 1000 § in a trick display.Have you seen this pet?: Find your lost pet.Genetics things: breed a born hunter cat or a born cavator dog.Sim’s best friend: become the best eternal friendship of a dog.Celestine dog: make your dog bring you an appointment.Where did you get that?: Make a dog bring you something with a minimum value of 2000 §.Feline offender: steals something of a minimum value of 2000 § with a cat.GAT-QUINISIS: Use a telekinetic cat for a SIM to prepare a meal with things from the fridge.THE FATHER CHALLENGE: Complete all the challenges of paternity.I wish I was fishing: complete all fishing challenges.Submarine Treasury: Find a special plant while fishing.You are left over: Go to work with 4 professional career requirements at an exceptional level.Collective hysteria: it makes a dog and cat become best friends.moral? What is that?: Matches a transmogrified sim of a cat and a transmogrified sim of a dog.Domestic laugh: Activates Karma’s power to Gogó during a wedding party.Full Service: Become with someone from domestic service.Employee benefits: Make your boss show romantic interest in you.Randing the disaster: avoids an adverse karmic effect rapidly balancing the karma meter after going down from -50.sausage!: With a pet, steal a simplo.Catozilla against Can-Kong: Destroy objects worth 10000 § with a dog or cat.Leonardo has returned: complete all Leonardo’s sub -ards has returned.Do not fear of spiller: it scares the grim.What ghosts?: Catch all the ghosts created by the power of Karma Ghostly Invasion before it ends.Annoyed neighbor: use the ghosting power over the neighbor and capture it with a cat or a ghostbusters.elementary!: Complete all the chapters of the mysteries.The lost link: discovers the anchor of the lost pirate ship.ˇMy mother, zombie bears!: Avoid zombie bears and find the on -board journal of the pirate ship.Perrues duties: Felit yourself in the mystery days summer dogs.Search and rescue: Explore the abandoned mine and look for Timmy.A punishable offense: punishes Sims for their unworthy and dirty furniture.Do not mention the club: it draws the attention of the club of the beautiful people.ˇ Holy!: Create a flow reconfigurer.Out of nowhere: build your house starting from zero replacing your property with an empty plot.You do vouchers: Reach level 10 of a profession.The conservative’s best friend: complete all relic collection challenges.Dance Beast: Complete all dance challenges.Exhibitionist: Complete all exhibitionist challenges.Explorer: Complete all exploration challenges.


Personality: full 9: Train a pet to have 9 features.No kidding!: Get your cat to bathe.Great skill: complete 10 milestones from the skills diary.Fate can be changed?: Make a symbot go back in time.Gatástrophe: Complete all the challenges of the Gatástropa stage.Poli Kn: Complete all the challenges of the poli Kn stage.Save yourself the details: Make your Sim kiss his brother’s best friend.MANSION CONSTRUCTOR: Build a 5 -story house and a minimum value without 100,000 §.Pets love them: promises and completes a lifetime related to pets.


Everything you need: Complete all the challenges of love and romance.Mola to be a SIM: complete all the challenges of happiness of Sim.


Pack leader: unlock all other trophies.

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