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Ellie’s jokes

The trophy “I have no more” is achieved by listening to jokes from Ellie’s book. To activate these conversations you must do a series of tasks in concrete places of the adventure, four in Pittsburgh and one in the suburbs.

Pittsburgh (alone and forgotten)

It ends all the enemies before climbing the upper bus (near the control point). Wait near the vehicle and Ellie will begin to read her jokes of doubtful quality.

Pittsburgh (alone and forgotten)

It ends with the enemies of the bookstore (the building with two floors and many shelves for the soils). Wait and Ellie will take your book again.

Pittsburgh (alone and forgotten)

Before entering the hotel, on the flooded street, look at the advertising poster with a model in one of the windows to activate a conversation about food. Then follow Ellie on stage and tell several jokes again.

Pittsburgh (alone and forgotten)

Enter the hotel hall, get the key from the safe (you have to climb the stairs and reach the right side glued by the wall), open it and climb the stairs again. Stay in the break before going to the upper floor to listen to more jokes.

The suburbs (suburbs)

Go towards the bottom of this little urbanization of booths to see painted in one of the houses and listen to a conversation about the origin of the outbreak. Tour 180ş and enter the kitchen of the house right in front of more dialogues. Go down to the street, look at the graffiti “I’m armed” and ice cream truck. Then go down to the end blocked (where the dogs are) and look at the paint of fireflies. Stay there and Ellie will tell her last jokes.

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