Cheats The Darkness II – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


One man’s army kills 25 enemies while getting you out of the restaurant without dying or starting from a control point

The recklessness are paid prevents them from running over in the garage

Pilot puppy gets more than 1000 points in each of the fair games

Demoniacamata delmata to 15 enemies while you play like the dark

Executive for 50 enemies with executions while playing like Jackie

The king of the swarm is 50 enemies atosigated by a swarm while you play like Jackie

They are loaded by the devil kills 100 enemies with channeling for firearms while playing like Jackie

Tragatelo kills 50 enemies with black holes while playing like Jackie

Cut and flee to 50 enemies with tajos from demonic arms

Ready for the First Division kills 50 enemies by throwing objects

Double fun kills 100 enemies with two different weapons while playing like Jackie

That is why I am the boss impress Adolfo in two different ways

Karma is a putadamata to an enemy shielded with his own shield

2 men, 1 pole to 2 enemies with a javelin

Versatile murderer kills enemies in 5 different ways in 30 seconds


Jackie has talent acquires a talent in the individual campaign

The boy has a potential complicated one of Jackie’s talents trees

Very talented complete three of Jackie’s talents trees

ˇMmm, essence!Collect 5 relics in the individual campaign

Romanticolos uncles really know how to dance

His mansioneMata burned to Luigi Palladino

Cowardly to Cedro Valdez

Expiatory Goat Miss Frank Marshall

Bonnie and Clydemata apprentices Jean-Luc Lambert and Amélie Dubois

Technical problems Mama to the NewSwatch 6 team composed of Tom Dawson, Bud Langley and Sara Stephens

Ninjutsu dark a mission like inugami

Dischanted woman…Complete a mission like Shoshanna

ˇ They are 12 somewhere!Complete a mission like Jimmy

Voodoo is more than a very mission as a m.P.

You have embraced the darkness gets all the talents of a character in Vendetta

ˇThe account, please (hidden) survives the attack

This is just the principle (hidden) finds swifty and interrogation

Escape from the brotherhood (hidden) survives the interrogation

Assaults the mansion (hidden) recovers your mansion

Someone flew over…(Hidden) Is it going to reality?

Sweet revenge (hidden) come to your aunt Sarah

Family Secrets (Hidden) protects Jenny

Unexpected allies (hidden) escapes the asylum with help from within

Back to the ring (hidden) rescues Jackie from the Iron Lady

Enter hell…(Hidden) defeat Victor

Decisions, decisions (hidden) do not cooperate with victor during the interrogation


Free your mind the game ends in any difficulty

Sobrado de talentocompleta All Jackie’s talents trees

Reliquia hunter finds the 29 relics in the individual campaign

Why didn’t I call 555-2368?Survives the fight against the infernal beast

You have given the big blow 6 exclusive blows of blows


The gift of darkness ends the game at the level of difficulty Don

In the dark, as at home complete all the chapters of a new game+ in any difficulty

Brotherhood falls apart complete the campaign vendetta


You have conquered the darkness gets the rest of the game trophies

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