Cheats Tekken 5 – PS2 – Cheat codes, Guides

Secret characters

Kuma: the game ends once.Anna: The game ends twice.BAEK: The game ends three times.Bruce Ivin: 4 times.Wang: 5 times.Roger Jr: 6 times.Ganryu: 7 times.Mokujin: 8 times.Heihachi: 9 times.Eddy Gordo: It is an extra suit for Christie that is worth 500.000 g.Devil Jin: The game devil within or fight in 200 fights ends.

Star Blade game

To activate the Star Blade in the Arcade History Mode, you have to go to the Minigame Devil Within and in the first room of phase 4-2 break a wall with the Ray of Devil Jin. Upon entering there, you can take the Star Blade ship, and at the end of the level the game will be activated.

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