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Bronze  Expert fighter day after day, from the sun rises until it gets, you end with any beast that crosses your path. Looking back, it is difficult to know if this epic massacre adventure has lasted a lifetime or just flickering. Trotamundos you have seen every centimeter of the immense world with your eyes and this prize shows it. The world is a huge place but, as you know now, there is nothing to fear. Victoria over the gloomy guardianˇa this odious creature loves to see how the chaos sows his faithful guada! If Gall had not given him a right lesson in time, he could have stopped Kor and the others without problem. Victoria on Chalcedony This unpleasant, rude guy and with a bowl of bowling hair has a soma that allows him to fly through the air. ˇIt will be better to return the fragment of the Spiria de Kohaku nucleus or regret it! Victoria on Amethysteste alleged famous hero in the whole world will try to make you believe that you defeated him thanks to luck, but you know the truth. Victoria on sand worm probably, this worm paid for himself was too full while culebreaba under the sand because a fragment of pure joy had been swallowed. Victoria over the chalcedony groupˇ This Battle Full of Somatic Action comes to an end and grants us the victory! Victoria over Silvertomas the soma in your hand and you struggled with all your strength to grant some sanity to one of those people who talked about an “ideal” world. And it seems that you did it. Victoria over Cholserapheste Guerrero Mecanoid Supreme was armed with a huge green sword. That you will defeat it that, together, you can even overcome the most sickly powerful rivals. Victoria on Striegov Xeromized This Indecorous Character claimed to be a refined guy, but made it clear that he would do anything to satisfy his unpleasant appetites. Victoria over the Chlorseraph Seraph of the Green Sword and Closeraph of the Blue Shield. The fearsome identical attacks of these Seraphic brothers are so incredible that, to believe them, you have to see them. Victoria on Incarose Altaunque combined the weapons and the speed of Chlorseraph with the armor and power of Closeraph, was alone and was unable to invoke a greater power than his own. Fascination for the balloons! ˇInte fascination for balloons and you are cold as a stone! Unwavering link: Kor and Kohakuest. This is an irrefutable value to the incredible arsenal of spiritual weapons available to our great heroine. Unwavering link: Kor and Beryleste prize shows that you have forged an unwavering bond between Kor and Beryl. See how someone so determined pursues their dream is enough to stimulate anyone. ˇ That his dream of artistic greatness becomes a reality! Unwavering link: Kor and Chalcedonyeste award demonstrates that you have forged an unwavering bond between Kor and Chalcedony. They have learned a lot with the various fights that have fought with each other and against other adversaries. ˇTo the friendship between these weapons of arms last a thousand years! Unwavering link: Kohaku and Hisuieste prize shows that you have forged an unwavering bond among the Hearts brothers. He may be a bit bocazas, but it’s also a good. In addition, what will you not love your little sister more than anyone in the world? Unwavering link: Kohaku and Beryleste prize shows that you have forged an unwavering link between Kohaku and Beryl. Do you want to see how powerful the bonds of friendship are? ˇ It will be better that you hold your hat, because it will be explosive! Unwavering link: Ines and Gallete prize shows that you have forged an unwavering bond between Ines and Gall. ˇThe power of paternal love runs through the veins of these fierce warriors with unstoppable force! Unwavering link: Kunzite and Galleste prize shows that you have forged an unwavering bond between Kunzite and Gall. That it is a machine does not mean that I cannot have Spiria, as anyone who has felt the warmth of this mechanical warrior can attest. Silver  Counteractivistˇplas, Bam, pum! ˇ Synchronization could not be more perfect! Furious attacks are not afraid of you. ˇ You receive them with open arms! Champion of the challengeˇActas the challenge, cost what it costs! ˇA was time for them to reward your solved attitude! Combo 200 blowsˇgolpe after blow after blow! ˇRealize your work so quickly and so hard that the enemy has no chance! Upper tiria The strength of the links that unite us is the source of our greatest power. ˇWhat shine the Spiria! As of Cruzada A Cruzada A Group of Compañeros who work in perfect harmony and are united by unwavering links. ˇ Any links that go beyond the individual and enter the framework of the universe! As of the persecution link! ˇO only a second more! and other! and other! ˇTu imperturbable perseverance has finally obtained its reward! scare!This award celebrates your amazing ability to catch you off guard. However, you do not allow you to discourage your Spiria. ˇProspera in adversity! Maximum level all stars granted by training all the characters to the maximum of their potential. Now you just need to learn how to get the most out of this potential collector of monsters sought creatures in all forms and sizes and you have diligently recorded all its details. ˇA was time for your monster collection to be appreciated in his bloody glory! Objecttu monoparador for objects has allowed you to obtain this important award. ˇCo you know the different effects of the objects offered by the world and you have embedded your beauty, for your heart! Marker of marks located each object marker out there, however hidden it was. Are there anything in this world that you can’t find? Chef Masterˇhas spent more time in the kitchen than chef wonders! ˇ must be happy to have a student as applied as you! ˇ It may be as important as he! Demential complianceˇenHorabuena! ˇ There are not many people who manage to complete the game at the level of difficult difficulty! Now, you just need to dive into the unknown level unknown complianceˇenHorabuena! You have completed the game at the unknown level, ˇ the most intense difficulty! You can do pieces without problems to every enemy who crosses in your path of sand cleanersˇenHorabuena! You opened the way to the battlefield cutting and choping, both only and with your group. ˇIn doubt, no one can overcome this achievement in millennia! Oh no. Do not look now, but that guy has a face of few Victoria friends about Hubert and a curious pair pascalesta arrived on the battlefield dressed in elegance and proved to be more than a comedian duo Gold  Collection of classic namconesˇConsigue all namcones. ˇCitrine is crazy with joy! Try not to lose them before giving them to them, do you understand them? Victoria on Creedlibrated a bitter combat for two millennia to save his beloved and the world of mining. But when it was time for its end, Kor was able to connect with the first Spiria thanks to him Victoria on Skirt. However, their efforts only served to turn the fight into a more exciting challenge, truth? Platinum  Heart master gets the rest of the game trophies

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