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New costumes for Leanne

From Chapter 7 Look in the Leanne closet and press the following combinations.

Famitsu Club T -shirt

Triangle, triangle, up, up, square, square, left, left, r1, l1

Gemaga t -shirt

L2, R2, L1, R1, triangle, triangle, triangle, square, square, up

T-shirt 8-bit Girl

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, square, triangle, square

Polyites (Available after unlocking the reindeer suit in the Neverland country)

R3, R3, R3, Right, Left, R2, L2, Triangle, Square, L1

Hirakou T -shirt

Triangle, square, l1, l1, r1, r1, l3, l3, up, down

Platform Logo T -shirt

R1, R2, R3, L3, L2, L1, right, left, square, triangle

Achievements Requirements
Basel’s Repairman (Bronze) Manages to make more than half of Basel hexes accessible again.
Big Shot (Bronze) Make 2000 damage in a single attack.
Bonus Hitter (Bronze) Get a bonus blow to a flying enemy.
Bullet Barge (bronze) Get a combo of more than 500 blows.
Clear a Second Playthrough (gold) Complete the game for the second time.
Clear Chapter 1 (Bronze) Complete chapter 1.
Clear Chapter 10 (Bronze) Complete chapter 10.
Clear Chapter 11 (Bronze) Complete chapter 11.
Clear Chapter 12 (Bronze) Complete chapter 12.
Clear Chapter 13 (Bronze) Complete chapter 13.
Clear Chapter 14 (Bronze) Complete chapter 14.
Clear Chapter 15 (Bronze) Complete chapter 15.
Clear Chapter 2 (Bronze) Complete chapter 2.
Clear Chapter 3 (Bronze) Complete Chapter 3.
Clear Chapter 4 (Bronze) Complete chapter 4.
Clear Chapter 5 (Bronze) Complete Chapter 5. 
Clear Chapter 6 (Bronze) Complete Chapter 6.
Clear Chapter 7 (Bronze) Complete Chapter 7.
Clear Chapter 8 (Bronze) Complete chapter 8.
Clear Chapter 9 (Bronze) Complete Chapter 9.
Clear Prologue (Bronze) Complete the prologue.
Clear The Game (Bronze) Complete the game.
Customaestro (bronze) Connects more than 10 personalized parts to a weapon.
Extreme Spiker (bronze) Make more than 100 low attacks.
First contact (bronze) Win your first enemy.
Four-terminal chain (bronze) Connect four different terminals.
Hero Actor (Bronze) Attacks more than 1000 times during hero’s actions.
Sinkred Plus Club (Bronze) The level of your character rises to 100.
Maiden Mission (Bronze) Complete your first mission.
Collector material (bronze) Destroy more than 3000 parts of enemy bodies.
Creator material (bronze) Fuse and displace objects more than 200 times.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) Unlock all game trophies.
PROFESSIONAL HUNTER (BRONZE) Kill more than 3000 enemies.
Miser Resonance (Bronze) Stores a large amount of resonance points.
Shopaholic (bronze) Gastate more than 500.000 rubies in clothes and accessories.
Spite Monger (Bronze) Get hit with more than 100 bonus blows.
The Iron Fist (Bronze) Expires more than 30 disarmed enemies.
Thousand pitcher (bronze) Launches more than 1000 attack items.
Tri-Attacker (bronze) Use your first tri-attack.
Unison Assault (Bronze) Expires two or more enemies with a single attack.

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