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Unlockable skins

Unlockable skins Requirements
Skin de Altair (Assassin’s Creed) In the Skin Selection Manager, introduce the password 13372805
Jade Skin (Beyond Good & Evil) Complete once the game
Prince and Elika prototype skins Collect the 1001 light seeds after beating the final boss
Time Arenas Skins (Prince and Farah) In the Skin Selection Manager, introduce the password 52585854
Achievements Requirements
Alchemist Special Win the alchemist without using the acrobatics button once
Assassin View Find the murderer’s view
Block Master Block fifty attacks
Climbing to New Heights! Find the highest point in the world
Specialist combo Find all the combos of the game
compass Use the compass
Concubine Special Expires the concubine without using the grip function
Death of A Concubine Expires the concubine in your palace
Death of A Warrior King Win the warrior in his strength
Deflect Master Divert twenty attacks
Explorer Explore each part of each region
Getting to know you Know Elika talking to her
Good Company Learn about the world, and about Elika’s story
Hunter Special Divert the attack of the hunter five times in a battle
Improvise Use the environment against an enemy
In Harmony Five hundred cooperative jumps
Into the Storm… Stress in the leaf
Light Seeds Accumulator Collect 800 seeds of light
Light Seeds Collector Collect 200 seeds of light
Light Seeds Finder Collect 100 seed seeds
Light Seeds Gatherer Collect 700 seed seeds
Light Seeds Harvester Collect 500 seeds of light
Light Seeds Harder Collect 600 seeds of light
Light Seeds Locator Collect 400 seeds of light
Light Seeds Protector Collect 900 seeds of light
Light Seeds Provider Collect 300 seeds of light
Now Who’s The Hunter Kill the hunter in his den
Price of Time Take a minute to think
Ruined Citadel Runner Run from the fertile lands of the Temple of the Sun to the wind mills in five minutes
Saved! Unlock Elika’s rescue skill
SINKING TO NEW DEPTHS! Find the lowest place in the world
Speed Demon Complete the game in less than twelve hours
Speed Kill Kill ten generic enemies before they re -drawn
Sword Master Make fourteen blows in a single combo
Throw Master Launches ten soldiers from Ahriman to the abyss
Titanic View Find Titan’s view
Traitor’s End Kill the alchemist at his observatory
A Against It Win a wall minigame during a fight
Ok Runner Run from the fertile lands of the construction land to Heaven’s Stair in six minutes
Wallrunner Complete the sack
Warrior Special Dodges twenty attacks by the warrior in a battle
City of Light Runner Run from the fertile lands of the Torre de Ahriman to the City of Light in seven minutes
From Darkness… Light! Lock Ahriman again
Heal The Land Make your first cure
Light Seeds Master Collect 1001 seed seeds
Royal Palace Runner Run from the fertile lands of the royal gardens to coronation halls in four minutes
Be gentle with her Elika saves you less than a hundred times throughout the game
Saviour of the City of Light Final healing
To be continuous… The end of the game
Master Get all game trophies

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