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Chief version of the characters

It exceeds the arcade mode in Risky with the character you want to unlock the chief version (the one you find in the most difficult way of the Score Attack). It is allowed to use continuations.

Adachi episode

Download Adachi’s character and, in addition to using it on the template, you can see a new episode dedicated to this person’s character 4. To unlock it, you must finish first episode: P4.

New narrators

Almost all characters can be speakers of each round. To unlock them, complete the arcade mode in any difficulty with the specific character. A few more will appear performing the following tasks.

Adachicompleta Arcade mode at least with nine characters

Chiecomplete the arcade mode with chie.

Dojimacompleta arcade mode at least with thirteen characters


Fuukacompleta arcade mode with shadow Labrys.

Junpei completes the arcade mode with Junpei.

Kanjicompleta Arcade mode with Kanji.


The arcade mode with Labrys.

Minazuki completes the arcade mode with minezuki.


Nanako completes the arcade mode with nine characters

Naoocomplete arcade mode with naoto.

Announcer of the Ringcomplete Arcade mode at least with five characters

Risecomplete the arcade mode with rise.

Shocomplete arcade mode with sho.

Teddie completes the arcade mode with teddie.

Yosukecompleta Arcade mode with Yosuke.

Yucomplete arcade mode with yu.

Yukaricompleta Arcade mode with Yukari.

Yukikocompleta Arcade mode with Yukiko.

Authentic final

Before the final battle (both in the part of P3 and P4) there will be a dialogue with choice. To unlock the authentic final you must go by both parties until you are sent to the menu. In the PS3 part you will have an extra scene related to your answers. Look at it until you return to the menu. To see the scenes you have not completed, pay attention to the message “Clear!”That will appear in them. If it’s yellow you’ve lost something, if it’s red, you are on the right track.

If all your scenes are red and you have not yet unlocked the end, you must probably go to the menu manually and completely see the scenes with your choices. This will unlock it.

Bronze  The P-1 Climax Begins!Welcome to P4AU! Arcade NoviceComplete the arcade mode with a score character attackerComplete a Score Attack Brave Gladiatorlleva track to a character at level 10 in the Golden Arena not Unlike A Bossderrota Golden ArenStepasezes in the way to knowledge 30-MINUTE WORKOUTENNA for 30 minouotes followed Combination Fightercompleta 150 Challenges First Victory!Win your first online fight TRIED AD Truecompleta 20 Online fights Thoroughcompleta 50 Wildcard fights Masterutilizes all characters in the online mode The Manly Way Beginnerllega to the degreeof Nice Burst players!A reversal Burst fails in Arcade or Online Fishing for Beginnerstu opponent failed a reversal burst in arcade or online modeThe S HOLD system 10 times in the Arcade or Online mode World Class Sp Skillsgana 30 rounds with SP or Awakened Sp in the arcade or online mode Advanced Fishing Manualize 10 Fatal Counter in the arcade or online modeBoost in the arcade or online mode The Punk’s Wayderrota to an opponent without letting him relive in the arcade or online mode The Divine Wayutilizes each Instant Kill movement of each character in the arcade or online mode Good Job!Get a perfect victory in the arcade or online mode my rusta the adachi path in the story mode (dlc tohru adachi) Jesterutiliza Adachi 10 times in the online mode (dlc tohru adachi) aeonutilizes Marie 10 times in the online mode (DLC Marie) Entrepreneurship Margaret 10 times in online mode (DLC Margaret)  Silver  Mastercomplete score 5 SCORE ATTACK DARING GLADATORLEVA TRACKS TO A CHARACTER TO LEVEL 30 IN THE MOO GOLDEN ArenDlc tohru adachi) Old Bamboo Combno I can believe that you have overcome all my challenges (DLC Marie) Spiral Bookmarkeras more than a fight for Margaret’s challenges (DLC Margaret)  Gold  You have seen New Journey the true end of Heroic Gladiatorlleva a character at level 50 in the Golden Arena Arena Domaste Platinum  Platinum trophy achieves the rest of trophies

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