Cheats Monopoly Streets – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Platinum: Win all trophies.

Large and glowing (gold): Get the greatest improvement for your corporate headquarters.

Arc iris (gold): in possession of a property of each color group at the same time.

CONSTERMERY SERVICE (GOLD): It offers the best hotel service in the most expensive property without a player falling in bankruptcy.

Auctioneer (gold): The player has won 50 auctions online.

Subdivision (silver): The player has built 500 houses.

Megamagnate (silver): You have finished a game with a heritage greater than 9000.

Fast Victoria (Silver): Win in a game in less than 20 minutes.

Real estate magnate (silver): in possession of 3 color groups at the same time.

This plan is better (silver): you have completed a business that has provided you with a color group.

You have taken a 15 (silver): the player has taken a 15.

Hotels to the maximum (silver): the bank runs without hotels in a game with the official monopoly rules.

The eggs in the same basket (silver): the only properties in possession are part of the same color group.

I can do it without houses (silver): in an online game, get all public service stations and partnerships.


Winner (bronze): Win your first game of Monopoly Streets.

The Three of Luck (Bronze): You have taken triple.

The construction of an empire (bronze): you have won 10 offline games.

Not a free meter (bronze): the player has built 100 houses.

Exclusive property (bronze): you bought the most expensive property of the game.

Eviction notice (bronze): You have replaced your houses with a hotel.

Dodge the bond (bronze): you have taken a double number to be free from the free jail.

You need a new challenge (bronze): you have managed to win 3 difficult AI rivals.

Philanthropro (bronze): You have completed a business that has provided another player with a color group.

Mercadillo (bronze): You bought a cheap property.

Celebration of the 75 (bronze): You have bought your 75ş property.

Reincid President (Bronze): You have gone to jail for the third time in a game.

Luckily it is not my bill (bronze): you have received 120 for the rental of a public service company.

Better than free (bronze): You have received more than 200 when falling into free parking.

I like trains (bronze): get all railway stations.

Good start (bronze): someone pays you rent before the second turn.

Inflate the market (bronze): make a rival pay twice the price during an auction.

This is benefit (bronze): you have raised more than 1000 rental.

I stay this letter (bronze): the player has paid to get out of jail having a letter you are free from jail.

ˇOh, no, Finance Inspection! (Bronze): You have paid 1200 taxes in a game.

It does not hurt too much (bronze): you have paid the lowest rent in an online game.

Play without problem with others (bronze): You have finished an online game.

More luck for the next (bronze): You have taken to bankruptcy to another online player.

I want the rematch (bronze): you have lost in front of another online player.

So we played in my time (bronze): You have finished an online game with the personalized house rules.

One more step in the classification (bronze): You have dropped a better classified player bankrupt.

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