Cheats Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


Video guide to overcome the Middle Earth: Mordor Shadows.

Mordor lord One simply walks in mordor.


The amputated hand Kill the black hand.


Beyond all hope Save Life to Lithariel.

The white wizard Raise the curse of the lady Marwen.

For my brother Kill the Great White Graug.

The hammer falls Kill the hammer.

To govern them all Be a witness to the creation of power rings.

Ithilien mountain Complete all survival challenges.

Shadows of an ancient past Get 100 % of artifacts and listen to their memories.

THE MAINOR ARCH Complete all the missions of the legend of Azkâr.

Gorthaur el Cruel Destroy the monumental door and knock down the statue of Sauron.

The last shadow Complete all the Missions of the Legend of Acharn.

Liberator Complete all slave rescue missions.

THE GREAT AND POWERFUL RATBAG Manages to ascend to Ratbag to Caudillo.

The tower collapses Kill the tower.

Beasts Complete all hunting challenges.


Union does not make strength Help a captain to succeed in a recruitment struggle and kill him and his followers.

Reckoning Complete a revenge mission.

Revenge legend Complete a sword mission and begin to increase Urfael’s legend.

Justice fire Complete all the missions of Urfael’s legend.

Shade legend Complete a dagger mission and begins to increase Acharn’s legend.

ˇCorre foolish! Make 20 uruks run away dropping nids from Morgai flies.

Maker legend Complete an arc mission and begin to increase the legend of Azkâr.

And burns, burns, burns Use the detonate skill to burn 50 uruks.

The cold light Unlock 3 spaces for sword runes.

Bloody payment Unlock 4 spaces for dagger runes.

Accurate shot Unlock 2 spaces for arc runes.

The jaws of death Attracts caragors with bait 5 times.

A great power Get a level 25 rune.

Unleashed Free 5 Caragors from their cages.

Crowned Get 50 % of the ITILDIN.

A new master Mark a Captain in Combat.

Great lamp carrier Get 100 % of the ITILDIN.

Mordor’s spirit Start a revolt ordering a leader to attack another.

Paths of the dead Get 25 % of artifacts.

Boom and fall Help a Uruk who ascended to Captain after killing you to become a caudillo, and kill him.

Burning revenge Make an execution to a savage in flames.

Power vacuum Kill the 5 leaders before a Uruk took one of its positions.

Morannon explorer Successfully completed a survival challenge.

I love and Lord Mark the 5 leaders.

The top of despair Use coup from above at least 60 feet above the target.

Divide and win Eliminates the two leaders of two leaders to attract the leaders and end them.

The free peoples Complete a slave rescue mission.

Graug’s heel Take advantage of a leader.

I love luminous Discover part of the spectrum past.

Dirty rebels Mark 5 bodyguards from a leader to turn against him in combat.

The excitement of hunting Success 4 hunting challenges.

Sinister celebration Poisons a captain in his own feast.obey me Mark a Uruk.

The Death Dam Throw a threat of death and take it out.

Eregion memories Activate all forge towers.

The white rider Release 30 slaves in 180 seconds mounted on a caragor.

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