Cheats Infamous Festival of Blood PSN – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Full vampire suit

To get this suit, complete 15 missions created by users.


Fangs to play Defeat Bloody Mary.


Blood -hooked Collect all canopes vessels and completely fill your blood indicator.

Blood appointments Discover all Mary’s teachings.


Count Dracula Unlock all powers.

All complete Clava the stake at 20 hidden firstborn vampires.

Blood bank Collect half of the canopes vessels.

Flight night Make a 250 -meter flight like swarm of shadow.

The bite club Bite 100 citizens.

Underground visit Back underground when there are no active missions and travel from one end to another of the catacombs.

With the stake high Nail the stake at 100 vampires.

Hindenburg complex Destroy a balloon.

Exhibition dinner Bitches a participant of a parade.

Give them and give them Ends with 20 vampire hordes.

Play. Creates. Aterra. Play 20 Missions of User Content of Festival of Blood.

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