Cheats How to train your dragon 2 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Legendary! Complete 100% of events, challenges and trophies.


Master of the Costume Fly with each paint paint paint.

Magnificent dragons rider Obtén gold at each training and championship event.

Domain of the dragon Obtén gold in all training events.

Take gold Obtén gold in all championship events


Unlock the warrior Run the Valk and Win

Speed ​​of light Complete the secret race of the lights of the North of the Dragon

Shooting Star Complete the secret dragons sprint of the northern lights in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Hanger search engine Find and land on all hangers with views.

Good eye Obtén a perfect result in the training event burning.

Friends forever Rest on a hanger with views for 5 minutes.

In own flesh All paintings for unlocked dragons.

Super shot Tribe your opponent (s) 10 times without error.

Flame launcher Hits 3 dragon riders with a single explosion of barf fire & Belch.

Sneeze and destroy Hits an objective from more than 200 meters using Stormfly.

Dragon charming Fly with each dragon at least for 2 hours.

Find the boss Search in the caves and locate Stoick

Lava explosion Hits 2 or more objectives with a single shot using Meatlug.


Stormfly chips Unlock the hidden feature for Stormfly

You can not touch this! Deviate 2 fireballs in a single turn.

Chilling Custom career paint

ˇAs a Jorgenson! Complete all championship events

ˇAs a hooligan! Make a Viking attack to 4 dragons riders in 30 seconds.

Low blow Shoot a fireball to a dragons rider that isé falling down.

ˇHiccup wins! Win a championship like Hiccup.

ˇAstrid wins! Win a championship like Astrid.

ˇFishlegs wins! Win a championship like FishlegsˇRuffut & Tuffnut won! Win a championship like Ruffnut & Tuffnut

Meatlug chips Unlock the hidden feature for Meatlug

ˇSnotlout wins! Win a Snotlout championshipBarf chips & Belch Unlock the hidden feature for barf & BelchGraduates of the Dragon Academy Complete all training events

Haolyigans hairy Fly with all dragons.

Hookfang chips Unlock the hidden feature for Hookfang

Toothless chips Unlock the hidden feature for Toothless

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