Cheats Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – PS2 – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlockable trophies



Architecture Cup

Find the 12 Hogwart emblems’s.

Cup characters

Talk to all Hogwart characters’s.

Defense Cup against Darkness

Invoke all defensive spells in 6 duels.

Explosive click cup

Explain the two explosive chasquido champions.

Explorer Cup

Explore each Hogwart area’s.

Famous Witch and Wizards Cup

Find the 15 Magician plates.

Friends of Añeither

Complete the game, and find all the lost objects of the moon.

Golden Gobstone Cup

Win the four Gobstone champions.

Grandmasters Cup

Expires the three Magician chess champions.

Cup at home

Complete all teachers’ missions.

Ghost House Cup

Find the 4 ghosts.

Natural Path Cup

Find all animal footprints.

Ornithology Cup

Find all flying animals.

Portrait Key Cup

Find the 12 cheat codes of portraits.

School Pride Cup

Complete the 66 challenges.

Secret statue cup

Find the 12 Magician chess statues.

Smuggled cup

Find the 12 secret packages of Fred and George.

Cup éxito in studies

Receive the highest score on all lessons.

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