Cheats esslaved: Odyssey to the West – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

free! (Bronze): Complete chapter 1.

Of excursion (bronze): Complete chapter 2.

On the roof (bronze): Complete chapter 3.

Broadway function (bronze): Complete chapter 4.

The New York leak (bronze): Complete chapter 5.

Head bad (bronze): shoots 20 times at the head of demolition mecas.

A distant bridge (bronze): Complete chapter 6.

there you are! (Bronze): Complete chapter 7.

The passage wind (bronze): Complete chapter 8.

pig! (Bronze): It arrives before Pigsy at the top of the titan’s remains.

Bad dog (bronze): saves the dog’s trip in less than 36 seconds.

ˇ and a horn! (Bronze): Save Trip of the rhino in less than 35 seconds.

Loving, not fighting (bronze): pass by a group of enemies without being discovered.


Back to the mine (bronze): pushes an enemy towards a mine.

here! (Bronze): It distracts 20 different enemies.

ATUDIDOR (BRONCE): stuns 75 different enemies.

For the hairs (bronze): kill a transmitter in the last second.

ˇBum! (Bronze): Destroy 2 enemies using the housing of a scout robot to cause an explosion.

Papel change (bronze): destroys 10 enemies using the removable arm pipe of a robot.

Unconscious (bronze): stun to 3 enemies at the same time with radial stunning download.

Double (bronze): end 25 enemies with a shield with a stunned discharge and a plasma discharge combo.

Meccas murderer (bronze): ends with 200 enemies.

King of the counterattack (bronze): executes 20 counterattacks.

Roasted (bronze): ends with 3 enemies with a single firing penetrating plasma.

Evasion attacks (bronze): executes 20 effective evasion attacks.

Invincible (bronze): Complete a chapter (except chapter 1) without dying.

I have saved you (bronze): Rescue Trip 3 times after using the P.AND.M.

Hard pelar (bronze): Buy all health improvements.

In form (bronze): Buy all combat improvements.

ˇMook my weapon! (Bronze): Buy all the improvements of the cane.

Shield (bronze): Buy all shield improvements.

Technology Collection (Bronze): Get half of the technological orbs.

Meeting with a pig (bronze): Complete chapter 9.

What a pig (bronze): Complete chapter 10.

Swine fever (bronze): Complete chapter 11.

Mascaras Collection (Bronze): Get half of the masks.

The submarine (bronze): Complete chapter 12.

Leaving anchors (bronze): Complete chapter 13.

Ahumada bacon (bronze): Complete chapter 14.

Free slaves (bronze): it releases slaves.

Recruit monkey (bronze): complete all chapters in easy.

Well assorted (gold): Buy all improvements.

Monkey’s magic (silver): complete all chapters in normal.

Untouchable (gold): Complete a chapter without losing health.

Mascaras expert (silver): get all masks.

Technology Expert (Silver): Get all technological orbs.

Great Celestial Wise (Gold): Complete all chapters in difficult.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Get all the game trophies.

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