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Impossible way

To activate it, complete the video game.

New characters

To achieve them, we will have to complete various objectives during the game.

ALIEN HOMINID: Have Alien Hominid HD version installed on the hard drive with some unlocked trophy.Barbarian: Complete the offline sand.Black Knight: Complete the video game with the Gray Knight.Brute: Complete the video game with Eskimo.Commoner: Complete the video game with Peasant.ESKIMO: Complete the Icy Arena offline.Fencing Knight: Complete the video game with Iron Knight.Forest Knight: Complete the video game with THIEF.Grey Knight: defeats the b├írbaro chief.Iron Knight Industrial: Complete the video game with the blue knight.Killer Beekeeper: Complete the game with Barbarian.Ninja: Complete the video game with Red Dragon Knight (Fire Demon).Peasant: Complete the video game with Hoodless Peasant.PeriWinkle Knight: Complete the video game with Hoodless Peasant.Red Dragon Knight (Fire Demon): Complete the video game with Orange Knight.Royal Guard: Complete the video game with Green Knight.Saracen: Complete the video game with Royal Guard.Skeleton: Complete the video game with Knight Red.THIEF: Complete the Thieve’s Arena offline.White Bear: Complete the video game with Skeleton.


Complete the following tasks to get animals.

Bipolar Bear: Go at the end of Snow World and destroys the horn at the entrance of the Cabernas.Bitey Bat: Kill Pipistrello.Cardinal: Go to Industrial Castle. After the elevator he fights with the gentleman.Chickn: Go to Medusa’s Lair and Cava in the target.Frogglet: Go to Marsh and Cava on Earth.Giraffey: Go to the desert and cava before the alien ship arrives.Hawkster (you need the horn): Go to Tall Grass Field and in the first field of white bears you will find a sign to touch the horn, tap it and will appear.Monkeyface: Buy it in the store.Mr. Buddy: Go to the castle when you have the towel and go to the party zone, return and find a point to dig.Owlet: Go to the entrance of the forest and follow the way until you see musical notes.Pazzo: Buy it at Snow World store.Piggy: Buy it at the Peasant store.Rammy: Go to Tall Grass Field and ends with the boss bear.Scratchpaw: Go to Sand Castle and explode the door.Seahorse: Go to Thieve’s Forest through the river.Sherbert: Go to encourage Ark and use the magical jump to get it.Snailburt: He is hidden in Marsh.Snoot: explodes the wall cracked in Cyclops Fortress.Spiney: Buy it in the Store Volcano.Troll: Go to Thieve’s Forest and destroys the wall.Yeti: Go at the end of snow world. Is hidden behind the house.Zebra: During the persecution of the desert, he catches and kills the enemy to control him while he goes to camel.

Skip the “Full Moon” level

To skip the level, study it and go to the map -o salt from the video game-. When you start again, it will appear as you have already completed it.

Traditional (Bronze): Complete the work with any character.The Traitor (Bronze): Kill any enemy using their servants.Deer Trainer (Bronze): Navigate to abandoned million without colliding with any obstacle.Maximum Firepower (Bronze): Using a catapult, a gentleman flies with maximum power.Handler animal (bronze): collect all animals.Melee is best (bronze): destroys any final enemy without using magic.Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Find and excavates 10 buried objects.Medic (Bronze): In the cooperative mode for four players, it resurrects each of them at least once.Social Networker (Bronze): It reaches 20 blows in volleyball.Objector conscientious (silver): Complete Home Castle through Chief Barbarian without attacking any enemy.Master Arena (Silver): Win 40 fighting in the sand.You are insane (gold): Complete the impossible mode and become the ultimate Castle Crasher.

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