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Extinction mode (aliens)

There are two ways to unlock extinction mode, in which we face aliens.

The first is to play in the campaign mode at the level of normal or higher difficulty, and complete the first four missions. Then, the extinction mode will be activated in the main menu.

The second is to reach level 5 in the multiplayer mode of the game.

All Rorke files

In this video they show you how to get all Rorke files:

Ghillie suit

To unlock the ghillie suit – the camouflage – in the multiplayer, choose weapons challenges, look for Chrome Barrel Master if it is active. If it is not, go to operations and spend a squad point to get new challenges. Repeat the process until you unlock the desired challenge. Complete it and you will have this appearance.

Are you problems overcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts? Here you will find a guide to overcome the adventure from beginning to end.

Bronze  Spatial perception to your first enemy in the campaign of the game Wall of Libertaderrita the two attack helicopters ˇjoder, Riley!Bold on 10 enemies while controlling Riley, it was not wasted swirling with the telefrancothoer!Kill 6 enemies with the knife while you are underwater in “The legends never die” the sleeping beauty to the guy who is sleeping in the Rápel section face down the faciatrapa carbon footprint the photocopier with your face ˇARDE, burns!It destroys 80 fuel containers ghosts of the Jungllatemine the mission without breaking the stealth Freezing 8 vehicles to holes in the currandocomplete ice the section of the console in the first attempt David and goliatacaba with the warship in the first attempt a piece of gearTo 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating in the black zone Gordodestruye 21 slotWhite Enemy Terrestrials and do not kill any ally with the bills, for Favordispara to the types that board the train to throw them on the sides Audiofiloconsguegiguue the 18 Rorke files nobody stays behind the 4 corridor players run to the extraction helicopter when 1Minute and 30 seconds or more on the clock I went out alive for the first time completely all the challenges and escapes the bloody head to the Urbanitallega Cabań to the city by all the media to 50 aliens with the electric fences and the fire traps in a gameCOLLECTEBASURES RECOGNES 40 OBJECTS IN A SALEVAGUARD BUILT THE ROUND 20 IN SALVAGUARDA TALES OF FANTASMASASCAPA. Complete “ghost stories” in any difficulty a new world in Fort Santa Monica. Complete “a new world” in any difficulty land of no one reaches San Diego. Complete “Nobody Earth” in any difficulty knocked find Ajax. Complete “demolished” in any difficulty homecoming defends angels. Complete “Homecoming” in any difficulty legends never died to Almagro. Complete “legends never die” in any difficulty of the federation with information about Rorke. Complete “Federation Day” in any difficulty ResacapTua Birds A Rorke. Complete “birds of prey” in any difficulty the hunted manages to escape alive. Complete “the hunted” in any difficulty clockwork pirate the system. Complete “clockwork” in any difficulty atlas caedistrae to the Federation’s fleet. Complete “Atlas falls” in any difficulty in depths destroys the enemy ship. Complete “in the depths” in any difficulty end of the journey assaults the factory. Complete “end of the journey” in any difficulty city of sin. Complete “city of sin” in any difficulty all or nothing brings together troops. Complete “all or nothing” in any difficulty broken ties destroys the satellites of the Federation. Complete “Broken Ties” in any difficulty Loki APPROVE OF THE ENEIGN SPACE STATION. Complete “Loki” in any difficulty Gold  Pan Eat. Complete “The ghost hunter” in any difficulty running out using a relic you have earned it the mask. Complete the campaign in veteran mode Platinum  Federated gets the rest of the game trophies

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