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In the main menu, use the right analog stick to look at your hands, repeatedly click LT + RT to get out of the chair (unlocking an achievement). Then, move around the area behind the chair to find an old computer. Write the following codes to unlock the hidden characteristics of the work.Unlock everything: write “3ARC UNLOCK” to unlock the five zombie modes, the Dead Ops Arcade and Zork mode, a text conversational adventure, as well as all missions.

All Intel: Write “3ARC Intel” to unlock everything Intel.

Dead Ops Arcade mode: Write “doa” to unlock mode.

Zork game: Write “Zork” to unlock it.

Show all commands: Write “Help” to see the list of all commands in the terminal and access to the Pentagon email.

Unlock the audio and images: Write “DIR” and assign them to your profile with the “Cat (name)” command.

Name registration: Write “WHO” to see a list of people who have connected to the “Rlogin” command (requires password).

Platinum Granted by unlocking the other trophies.


Black OPS teacher Complete the campaign in tanned or veteran difficulty.


Unreliable Complete rebirth and redemption in veteran difficulty.

Get your hands dirty Complete Sog and the deserter in veteran difficulty.

Cold warrior Complete operation 40, Vorkuta and executive order in veteran difficulty.

The collector Buy all weapons available in a zombie mode game.

It is your funeral Complete numbers, Nova Project and Victor Charlie in veteran difficulty.

No leakage It crosses the nova 6 gas without dying on Renaissance Island.

Vehicle slaughter Destroys all enemies in vehicles during prison escape.

Light-footed Escape from the ship with 2:15 still available in veteran.

With great damage It arrives at the Prison field in the Hind using only rockets.

Mr. Black Ops Enter the Soviet repeater without being detected.

Not today Complete place of the accident, adm and revenge in veteran difficulty.

Lord Nelson Destroy all whites and structures while tracing the river.

Rest Complete the campaign in any difficulty.

Quiet, rhinoceros In Dead Ops Arcade, use an acceleration to end 20 or more enemies at the same time.


Without getting off the ship Find the Soviet connection in Laos.

Dain of pain It ends with 20 members of the NVA through air support in the city of eggs.

Granadero teacher Kill 5 enemies with a fragmentation grenade in the campaign.

Sally likes blood Demonstrates a saving murderous instinct and eliminates 3 enemies with a single bullet.

The inner dragon Kill 10 members of the NVA with Dragon’s Breath projectiles.

The image does not count Ends the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.

Hard economy Do not use more than 6 Tow remote control missiles to destroy the tanks by defending Khe Sanh.

A safer place Sabote the Soviet space program.

VIP Receive Lancer orders.

Freedom or death Escape from Vorkuta.

Double porrazo Destroy the two helicopters with a Valkyrie rocket from the ship’s deck.

Deep analysis Find the hidden information.

Clarity Discover the code.Cinema See a video or a clip with a friend.

The Sog rules Recover the dossier and the deserter of the city of eggs.

Top Finish 5 betting games winning.

Heavy hand Use the angel of death to destroy the nest of machine guns.

Ready for deployment Reaches range 10 of the instruction.

Some wounds never heal Flee from the past.

Tyrachin boy Destroy all the whites of the Honda in 3 attempts.

In short distances Eliminates 3 VC members without making noise.

Seen, stamped, cured Launches a ballistic knife of the vein to a fallen ally to relive it at a distance.

Russian barbecue Incinera to 10 enemies with the flamethrower accessory in the field of prisoners.

Gender is not touched Kill the Pentagon thief before the weapons steal.

Double problem Use only two -handed weapons to escape from Kowloon.

Scapegoat Shoot or shoot you an ally with a scales of the Expend. Kill 6 zombies in the explosion.

Bad English Kowloon escapes.

Enter a currency Access the terminal and cool the forces of the cosmic gorilla in Dead Ops Arcade.

Guide Guide to the platoon for the advanced Soviet position without killing any member.

Sacrifice Make sure your squad with safe and saved Cuba.

Unconventional armament Use explosive virotes to kill 30 enemies in the campaign.

Ask me with kindness Free yourself from the torture chair.

Death to dictators Eliminate Castro from a shot to the head.

Eaten by a grue Play Zork in the terminal.

I hate the moncheat codes Kill 7 moncheat codes in less than 10 seconds in Renaissance laboratories.

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