Cheats Alice: Madness Returns – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

New Game Plus

Complete the game the first time, and then you can play again with all the items and improvements won in the previous game.


Unhappy return returns to Wonderland

The end of innocence complete the valley of tears

The death of the hat complete Chapter 1 of Wonderland

DEPRESSING Full madness Chapter 2 of Wonderland

Complete world clash Chapter 3 of Wonderland

The toughest will be the complete fall of chapter 4 of the Wonderland

End of stunning Chapter 5 of Wonderland

ˇAffiladísima!Get the vorpal sword

Chopped pork gets the pepper grinder

A peculiar playful get the toy horse

Death due to Darjeeling intake gets the pipe teapot

Still the water 7 minutes on steam respirators

FUERTES survive complete the game in easy difficulty

The imaginative endures the game in normal difficulty

The principle of the corporate chapter 1 in nightmare difficulty


A great snack a weapon completely

For all get 4 jars of pink paint

Entrabable family memories find all the memories of the Liddell

Nothing like the smell of pancetarocía with pepper to all the morritos of a chapter

Well dressed dress from another domain

Schizo-Armahaz A Combo Knight of Toy / Vorpal Sword / Toy Knight

ˇMurate them to all!Kill 5 pernolules in a row with the pepper grinder

Relincchongolpe 4 enemies with a single impact to the floor of the toy horse

The Tédestruye 10 barriers of ruin

Eyes even in the neck find the hidden sticker of the contradiction

Diveiar Mamate to 10 Ricuras using the ability to divert

Be careful with lagomorphs kills 30 enemies using the watchmaking pump

ˇ There is no truce! mercilessly!Defeat 100 ruins enemies

52 Live or die defeat 52 letter guards

The madness takes over everything in American McGee’s Alice, completes the town of the convicted

Classes are over in American McGee’s Alice, completes the fortress of the doors

Out of danger in American McGee’s Alice, completes the forest of the Wonderland

The dead hat in American McGee’s Alice, complete through the mirror


The persistent prospercomplete the game in difficult difficulty

Armed to the teeth completely improves all weapons

Painting the city of Rojocompleta all the snails

Everything aim to remember finds all memories

The dressing paladinocía with pepper all the morritos of the game

The key of the fools the S ship.M. The tap without suffering damage

Velvety collects all the pegamino pegamino of destiny

The great teacher completes a chess puzzle without failing

For that, the compliance head that cuts off your head, part 2 in less than 6 minutes

Cold hands and ice heart defeat the drowning sailor without suffering damage

Pulling the threads to the toyter without suffering any damage

Calm before death in your last rose, kill 5 enemies without activating hysteria mode

Regiaen American McGee’s Alice Strategy, Complete Domains of the Queen


Madness is imposed the game in nightmare difficulty

The game is sensible, having used hysteria mode only once

Completely recovered in American McGee’s Alice, complete the game


Platinum trophy achieves the rest of the game trophies

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