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New characters

The game ends and plays each generation of the previous delivery. Those generations will unbrusten after meeting some events. You will get Leonhardt, his descendants, and the heroines of each generation, in addition to Dyshana and Ellis.


First in Our Heartstermin Generation 1.

Second to nonetermin generation 2.

Fleet of Footˇ Spain your AGI above 50!

Stout of HeartˇAumenta your vit over 50!

Strong of BodyˇAumenta Tu Str above 50!

Sound of Mindˇaumenta Tu Int above 50!

Stroke of LuckˇAumenta your Luk above 50!

IT’s through!: Capture a monster. CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES converts an object.

It happens to a lot of guysno, he has done it again

It’s The Only Way To Be Sureavence to an opponent with an Overkill.

IT’s My Specialtyejecuta successfully a Special Art.

Time and againejecuta successfully a distinctive art.


Nirvana…?Create a puppet.

Stay Classy, Kraltarlacambia your class.

HE CHOSE … Poorly changes the appearance of Ellis.

Til you dropve to buy 500 times.

Certified Pre-Vnedende 1000 Objects.

Spoils of Wargana 25,000,000 g.

Enhance! Enhance!Win 25,000,000 EP.

Point Techniciangana 10,000 TP.

HomeownerˇConsigue your first title!

Profilificesbloquea all profiles.Silver

The Important Bits, At Least The Digest Route ends.

Better Safe Than Sorry kills more than 500 enemies.

The Combinecombina Monsters 100 times.

They are of Bitch you have visited the beach.

Hot Springs Eternal You have visited thermal baths.

I know you have reached the end of a generation with at least one woman completely in love with you.

Don’t Get Cocky!You have defeated the monstrous decimal.

They Mostly Eat at Night expires the four types of hidden monsters.

Fight in the Shadavence 10,000 enemies.

Love is a Battlefield participates in 2,500 battles.

Real Soviet Damagep produces 10,000,000 damage points.

You’re Already Dead!Try and get a 650 hits count.

You’re in Good Honcemejora objects more than 5,000 objects.

Landlord you have more than 100 titles.

We Meet at Last Find yourself with the worst enemy.

Dungeon Mastertermine All hidden dungeons.

David Attenborough Complete the books of monsters.


Truth and Concequences sees the real final.

Monarchtienes all titles. Good job!


Platinum Trophy you have acquired all trophies.

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