Castlevania cheats: Harmony of Despair PSN – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Hidden objects

Bell – Chapter 1: In the room with the three bells, slide on the lowest and jump inside. The object will fall to your left. Crown – Chapter 2: In the piano touches the following notes starting on the right: 5 White, 5 Black, 6 White, 5 Vlanco, 2 Black, 5 White, 5 Black, 6 White. Moai – Chapter 3: Wake up the boss, let him leave the room, then kick in the center of the Vortex in the background. The Moai will get out of there. Gomon – Chapter 4: On the right side of the level there is a small and dark hole on the wall. Enter and the object will be on your left. Vic Viper – Chapter 5: Enter the corner from above right in the building on the right and go up. The object will appear flying above the building on the right. Konami Man – Chapter 6: Before the final stairs, jump to the blue roof. The object will appear flying from the right above you.


Difficult mode

Chapter 6 ends in normal mode.

Japanese voices

Stay pressured R2Y X when choosing character color.

Dance movements for Jonathan and Charlotte

Stay pressed up for 7 seconds with any of these characters.


Legendary hunter You have completed the difficult mode.


Bones You have defeated a final enemy with five players in a skeletal way.

Collector Collect a large number of articles.

Opulence You have treasured one million gold.

Voraz murderer You have finished with 10.000 enemies.


Justice bone You have eliminated an enemy by returning a launched skeleton bone.

Mortal couple You have defeated a final enemy using dual fury.

poetic justice You have defeated an ally who had been seduced by the enemy.

Vampire Hunter You have destroyed Castlevania’s lord.

Impeccable kick You have defeated a final enemy with a sliding kick.

Life jacket You have resurrected a fallen company.

Grasshopper You have made 30 kicks in a followed jump without touching the ground.

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