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All intelligence files

In this video you can see where to find all the intelligence files of the title.

Zombies in the multiplayer

The zombi mode will arrive in the form of downloadable content, but you can see some pea in the game if you meet the following.

To reach the zombie round in exo survival, it reaches level 4 stages. After arriving at the Riot location, it exceeds 10 waves, then a DNA pump will fall that will infect the enemies and transform them into zombies for the Round 11. Exceeds that round and you will see an extra scene.

You will unlock zombie clothes and appearance for multiplayer mode.

Easy Survival Exo Trophy

A local cooperative game begins on the map of the exo survival laboratory. As soon as you start, break the window crystal and suicide yourself through the ravine. You will have to repeat the operation 50 times, but at least with this trick it will only take a few seconds with each game.

Easy Portazo Trophy

At the beginning of mission 1 you will see in the streets where there is a drone several cars with the doors open. You can start and throw them as a weapon. Start one before advancing to the next area and you will soon see a building with several enemies. Throw the door to one to achieve this goal.

The end of war Get all the trophies available in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare.


Individual prestige Complete the campaign in veteran difficulty.

Power changes everything Improve your exo completely.


Tough man Complete the campaign in tanned difficulty.

Escapist Avoid 20 grenades dodging them with your exo.

Maximum hyperactivity Kill 50 enemies while using hyperactivity.

We have technology Spend 20 EXO IMPROVEMENT POINTS.

Ferrum Absconsum Get all the information.

A new age Complete the campaign in any difficulty.


Matamamas Brons 25 drones with pm grenades.

Live quickly Complete “Traffic”.

Shoot and forget Kill 10 enemies with mobile turret missiles in “fission”.

Radioactive Complete “fission”.

The motor city Complete “repercussions”.

I did not see him coming Jump with impulse, throw yourself forward and then fall with impulse on an enemy.

Easy whites Kill 3 enemies with a sniper drone shot in “Human Hunt”.

Born to Die Complete “human hunting”.

Treason Complete “utopia”.

Killjoy Kill 20 enemies with the hook in “Sentinel”.

Boxes on a plane Complete “Sentinel”.

Welcome to Atlas Complete “Atlas”.

The destroyer returns Complete “Shock”.

Grenadier Get an “excellent” score in “Atlas” grenades training.

Restricted Air Space T demad down 10 enemy aircraft with the flying tank in “biobil”.

Hawk Eye Get an “excellent” score in the “Atlas” shooting field.

Irons al Rojo Live Complete “bioforratory”.

I will not allow it Prevents the swarm of drones from destroying the walking tank in “initiation”.

Golden Gate Complete “collapse”.

Seoul colleagues Complete “Initiation”.

man to water! Melee fight against an enemy until he throws him overboard in “Navy”.

Do you hear it well? Kill 10 enemies or drones while affecting a sonic impulse.

Anger of Atlas Complete “armed”.

Genius Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade.

Ace of the air T demad down 10 enemies with machine guns in “propulsion”.

Second skin Spend 10 EXO improvement points.

Mantícora escape Complete “Propulsion”.

Advanced soldier Spend your first exo improvement point.

Firm hand Collect weapons 20 times fighting with a single arm in “captured”.

Riot gear Kill 20 enemies with the United Mobile Coverage drone.

Separate wheat Complete “captured”.

Threat detected Mark 10 enemies with a single marker grenade.

Exo survival veteran Play 50 Exo survival games.

Making history Get more than half of the information.

Survivor Exo Successfully completed the survival bonus wave Exo.

Where do you think you’re going? Stop an AST with a PEM grenade.

Class War Play 30 minutes with each class in line in exo survival.

Expert pilot The sequence of the flying motorcycle ends without colliding and without suffering damage in “repercussions”.

Exo Exo “Turn” a map.

Bang Kill an enemy by throwing the door of a car.

Round and round Turn a map twice.

Look at both sides Eliminate all KVA from the traffic section without damaging any civil vehicle in “traffic”.

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