Bloodborne cheats – ps4 – cheat codes, guides

Caryll runes

Anti-clockwise metamorphhosis Location: In the forbidden forest.Improvement: Increase your resistance by 10%.

Arcane Lake Location: At the beginning of Byrgenwerth, on the left (near a tree).Improvement: your arcane defense increases by 7%

Beast Location: At the bottom of the work tower of the curative church.Improvement: Increase transformations by +20.

Blood Rapture Location: The shadow of Yha.Improvement: Increase your HP in +200.

Claw Mark Location: Yahar’gul Chapel.Improvement: Visceral attacks strength +20%.

Clear Deep Sea Location: Forbidden forest.Improvement: Increase your venom resistance.

CLOCKWISE METAMORPHOSIS Location: Forbidden forest.Improvement: Increase your HP by 5%.

Community Location: beat the thirst for blood and open a door to the right of the lamp. Enter the elevator, go up the tower and check to the right of the lamp.IMPROVEMENT: AńYE A BLOOD ROAD.

Corruption Location: Cainhurts vilebloodsmejora: Continuous regeneration in danger +1.

Dissipating Lake Location: Forbidden forest Improvement: Rayo Defense Increase 5%.

Eye Location: Mesis nightmare, when you go to Mergo you will find two enemies near the rune.Improvement: You will make more discoveries

Fading Lake

Location: border of the nightmare: Fire defense increased by 5%.

Formless Oedon

Location: elevator in the cathedral room, is on the opposite side.Improvement: It will give you 3 silver bullets.


Location: Sderrota A Eileen.Improvement: You will get more echoes of visceral blows.

Hunter Lake

Location: hunter hunter pact.Improvement: will recover your resistance.


Location: Hemwick’s Osario, crosses the iron door with the lamp. Go to the right to another door, continue until you find a body on the road.Improvement: Increase defense by 3%.


Location: Mesis nightmare, defeat Micolash. Lower the stairs and you will find a body with it.Improvement: you will get more echoes of blood

Odeon Whirte

Location: You will get this rune after fighting Isafeka at the isofaka clinic.Improvement: Visceral attacks will give you 2 silver bullets.

Stunning Deep Sea

Location: It is located on the border of the nightmare.IMPROVEMENT: Increase rapid poison resistance by +100.


Location: Pact – executioners.Improvement: You get the most health with blood vials.


These are white weapons, which are used with the right hand -or the two hands-.

Beast Claw

Attack Power: 75 Force: Dhability :: EARCANO: Durability: 180 Location: In a chest of the chalice dungeon.

Blade of Mercy

Attack Power: 60 Attack Artcan: 30 Fuerza: N/Ahability :: Carcan.

Burial Blade

Attack Power: 80 Attack Arcano: 30 Force: Ehability :: Carcano: Durability: 200 Location: Defeat to Gerhman.


Attack Power: 92 Blood Attack: 92 Force: Ehability :: Blood Tinge: Carcano: Durability: 200 Localization: Join Cainhurst Vilebloods, Buy the weapon in Cainhurst Castle from a messenger for 50.000 Echoes of Blood.

Hunter Ax

Attack Power: 98 Force: Dhability :: EARCANO: Durability: 400 Location: Initial Weapon.


Attack Power: 105 Force: Chability :: EARCANO: Durability: 250 Location: Defeat the clergy beast, then buy the weapon from a messenger.

Logarius Wheel

Attack Power: 100 Attack: 25 Force: Chability :: N/Aarcano: Durability: 300 Localization: It is obtained from Alfred when you give the letter from Cainhurst Castle.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Attack power: 100 Force: Dhability :: Darcano: Durability: 250 Location: Complain it by 20.000 echoes after winning the Radiant Hunter Badge. To get this badge, go to the right of the cathedral to find a chest.


Attack Power: 75 Blood Attack: 75 Force: Ehability :: Blood Tinge: Earcano: Durability: 120 Localization: In a chest in Cainhurst Castle. Cainhurst Summons is needed on the first floor.

Spear rifle

Attack Power: 85 Blood Attack: 85 Force: Ehability :: Blood Tinge: Darcano: Durability: 180LOCIALIZATION: It is located in a hidden building of the old Yha. Defeat the first NPC, then advance and go down where the railing is lost in the cornice. Carefully progress through the edge until you reach a door of a dark building. Kill the enemies, climb the stairs where there is a body and in the end the weapon will be.

Saw Cleaver

Attack Power: 90 Force: Dhability :: EARCANO: Durability: 200localization: initial weapon.

Saw Spear

Attack Power: 85 Fuerza: Dhability :: Darcan: Duability: 200 Localization: Compore from a messenger after defeating Gascoigne. Another way is to look for a treasure in Central YHARNAM SEWER, on the edge of a closed road with boats. Pull the bodies that hang.

Stake Driver

Attack Power: 85 Force: Dhability :: Darcano: Durability: 200 Location: Defeat Gyula in the old Yharnman, then buy it from a messenger.

Threaded Cane

Attack Power: 78 Force: Ehability :: Carcano: Durability: 200 Location: Buy it from a messenger.


Attack Power: 80 Bolt Attack: 40 Fuerza: Dhability :: EARCANO: Durability: 100 Localization: Get the spark hunter Badge defeating Darkbeas Paarl, then change it with a messenger with a messenger. To find Darkbeast Paarl, lower the stairs after the lamppost in Hypogean Gaol, enters the doors, go at the end of the room. Use the hole that carries out and lowers the edge to reach the boss.


These are long -range weapons, which are used with the left hand.


Blood attack: ??Blood liveliness: Durability: 200 Location: It is located in the forgotten forests inside a wooden house, before entering the cloudy area with snakes.


Blood attack: 60 blood live.


FLAME ATTACK: 45 ARCANO: Duability: 100 Localization: Gilbert gives it in Central Yha. It is located in the house next to the first lamppost in that area.Hunter Blanderbuss

Blood attack: 20 Blood liveliness: Durability: 100 Location: It is one of the two initial weapons. You can also buy it at the merchant of the Fuente after getting the Saw Hunter Badge.

Hunter pistol

Blood attack: 70 Blood liveliness: Durability: 100 Location: It is one of the two initial weapons. You can also buy it at the merchant of the Fuente after getting the Saw Hunter Badge.

Hunter’s Torch

Fire attack: 45 Arcane: Durability: 150 Location: At the beginning of the old Yha. Follow the lizard to upload a roof of the building where it is.

Ludwig’s Rifle

Blood attack: 70 Blood Vivement: Durability: 150 Location: Unknown

Repeating pistol

Blood attack: 90 Blood liveliness: Durability: 80 Location: Defeat to the clergy.


ARCANO Attack: 30 ARCANO: Bdurability: 100localization: unknown.


Blood attack: 25 Durability: 100 Location: Several locations.

Father Gascoigne (boss)

This is one of the first chiefs of the game. Its great speed, shotgun attacks and the transformation into beast are a headache for many players, especially for the stage full of obstacles.

There are several cheats to make the fight easier. The first, if you have met a girl who is looking for her father, you will have a music box. When using it at an intermediate distance (not too far), Gascoigne will be stunned for a moment. The problem is that the more you use in its human form, before it becomes a beast (it is much more dangerous). In beast mode you can only use the box once, don’t try it anymore because it will not take effect.

When he fights in human mode, the safest way to fight is to file a series of tombstones between him and you. It is not infallible, from time to time it will surround it, but with this you can end 75% of your health without difficulties. Against the beast use your maneuver to avoid and shoot to break the attacks. Ah, and is weak to the fire (Molotov cocktails).

Level rise

When using blood echoes to raise the level of each section of our hunter a usual question is what is it worth raising? We give you some tips if you need to order your priorities:

Vitality From 30 points the increase is small, and very small from 50.

Endurance It is not necessary to upload it much more than 40.

Force From 25 points the increase is small, and very small from 50.

Ability From 25 points the increase is small, and very small from 50.

Blood liveliness From 25 points the increase is small, and very small from 50.

Arcane From 25 points the increase is small, and very small from 50.

Following these clues you can make more profitable levels increasing your statistics as soon as possible. In any case, remember that in Bloodborne the key is in the skill and not so much in your parameters.

Thirst for blood (boss)

This boss may surprise by his speed and constant jumps. If you still don’t master the technique of shooting and dodging it can be a headache.

The simplest tactic is to wear the shots just at the time it will attack. A good shot makes it fall stunned, ideal for using the visceral attack (R1 near) that damages a lot. Accompany the edge of your weapon with fire to hit with more force, and remember to equip the antidote because it can poison you -if that happens, you lose life little by little-.

ROM strategies (boss)

This boss, who is also accompanied by small spots, is susceptible to killing easily with fire. It also has a weak point on the side that causes it to be constantly turning to face you.

In the following video you can see a safe way to end him.

Hemwick Bruges (boss)

Hemwick witches are optional, however it is very interested in winning this fight because the room later has a tool to memorize runes, with very valuable advantages.

This boss is not the most difficult, but you can complicate if you are not fast. A witch will invoke a servant, your goal is the witch who is invisible and only appears when you are close to her. It usually appears in the corners of the room or under the stairs, so it is best to constantly spin (in addition, the creatures are slow and that will keep them away).

When you kill the witch, a second will appear. The strategy is the same except for a paralyzing attack that can be very dangerous and that enter the scene more servants. Occasionally the witches will use an area attack, the color change will tell you that you have to jump back.

Do not lose any time and hits everything you can or otherwise three witches will come together. If necessary, improve your resistance values (higher combos) and enhance your weapon.

Avoid the first three bosses

The next trick is not recommended if you are playing your first game, since you avoid three bosses – clergyman, Father Gascoigne and Vicar Maelia – in addition to almost medium game, secrets and equipment. Instead, it can be useful if your purpose is to make a Speedrun or you are playing a new game.

In the next Speedrun You can see how it is done. You have to jump a gate near the start of the game, just where there is a grandullón with ax. Once you have achieved it, you will arrive at the prohibited forest.

Vicar Amelia (boss)

Amelia is a very lethal chief in front, with several sweeping and medium distance attacks, in addition you can recover health.

The weak point is that it is slow and has no attacks in its rear. The trick is there, try to surround your body, from behind or at least one of the sides, and attack with everything you have. As soon as he turns, roll to avoid his seals.

Win lucidity

Lucidity allows to open a new source of messengers that sells items, although with high levels the difficulty of the game rises and new visions appear. These are the amounts and ways of winning this value.

– Enter the area of a boss (+1)- defeat a boss (+3)- consume a skull of knowledge of the madman (+1)- be trapped by Amygdala in the cathedral (+1)- Defeat a boss as a guestMultiplayer Cooperative (+1)- Send a character to the Iosefka clinic for sure site (+1)- Kill another player using the sinister bell (+1)- interact with Willem (+2)- Use the thirdumbilical cord

Lucidity can also be lost in some ways

– Die after invading with the sinister bell (-1)- Use a bell to start the cooperative such as host (-1)- Some enemies can steal it- buy objects at the source of the messengers in the hunter’s dream (active with 10 points orfurther).

Lucidity effects

Lucidity is a factor that affects various aspects of the game, something that is not explained in the tutorials.

– Lucidity Activate the hunter’s dream of the hunter -to raise levels- the first time you enter.- With 10 lucidity points a New store in the hunter dream , where new objects are sold with lucidity, for example, the invasion bell.- Every point of lucidity reduces the bestiality value , and spend it increases it.- Some Enemies gain skills When you pass the 20 points, that is, the game is more difficult. Keep in mind in case you are interested in a greater challenge or on the contrary, you want to stay below.- Amygdala becomes visible With 40 lucidity points.

Get the secret end

There are three finals in Bloodborne. Two depend on a final choice, which would be equivalent to the bad and normal end (fighting the boss).

The third final, which includes a second final boss, has some trick. For that, you must obtain at least three umbilical cords (there are four). You will find them here:

– Talk to the character of the Cathedral district that asks you to bring people to this safe place. Before fighting the chief Rom (the aim), visit to the window character in the Cathedral district and talk to Arianna. Account that the cathedral is a safe place to go there. Do not send to the prohibited forest character to the cathedral or kill Arianna and everyone else. Later in the game Arianna will have a child and you can kill the creature to get an umbilical cord. Note: The NPC you rescue from the invisible town sometimes kills Arianna.

– Do not kill iosefka or make it hostile for uploading the stairs that tells you or attacking it before winning rom. You will have to enter the clinic for a secret place from the forbidden forest (a cave near where there are caged dogs). Go back to the clinic after killing Rom and you will find Passive Iosefka, kill her to get a third of cord.

– Visit the abandoned workshop. This place is hidden in the area where you must fall by planks, it is a door on the wall.

– There is another cord that is obtained by winning Mergo (boss).

In the following video you can see three of these locations:

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare (Chief)

This combat is different from others. The enemy is not very imposing, as you will see because of its appearance, but it can be a bit confusing.

When you enter the room where you are seeing that it is limited to fleeing from you while skeletons appear (you can end them if you want, even if it is not necessary). What you should do here is to chase it so that it enters a small balcony room to enter. Two skeletons will appear that should be eliminated at least temporarily so that the combat is not complicated.

Micolash in principle is not very difficult. In this phase it has an attack of tentacles with a medium reach, it is enough to move as soon as it begins to shine. Hits, jumps back and repeats so until he loses half of his life, when he will flee then

Pursues the chief stairs up, there are also objects but you can return more calmly once you have won the fight. At one of the moments, Micolash will enter a mirror where you can’t go, go back and fall near him from a upper floor, but then he will get into a bull with gates. In that same room, stairs keep going up until you find a place to fall, see and take place the second combat.

This time Micolash is more aggressive and will not stay still. A combo of physical blows not very dangerous, but fast. His most dangerous attack is an arcane magic of several projectiles that are difficult to dodge -although you can-. It is best to heal in health and shoot at the precise moment in which the attack loads to interrupt it. Other options, if you are wearing a two -handed weapon, are throwing a fourth – the poisonous better – or going for it if you are close enough.

Nodriza de Mergo (boss)

The game approaches its end and the time has come to face a more fearsome boss, much more than the last. It is a creature with multiple arms and blades that can crush you if you fall into their claws. The movement to avoid will be vital with this boss.

His combos are three or four blows, he memorizes the pattern to know when you have to get away. The best strategy is to use a long or fast weapon, so that this time it is preferable to sacrifice the damage of a two -handed sword for something lighter. Place yourself on your back whenever you can avoid the most dangerous blows. Remember not to exhaust the resistance bar because you will need a little to escape. It is almost inevitable to receive blows, you will have to prepare your vials.

Another strategy, much more difficult but that can solve the fight before if you have enough ability, is to go with heavy weapons and constantly attack from behind or its sides. You will receive damage, but your blood may recover most of life.

The most difficult nodriza happens when the lights go out and start attacking with fury, a clone also appears. In this phase that lasts about 30 seconds endless runs and dodges walking in circles along the wall. Nor try to attack because it is a suicide. Wait for normal movements to return and repeat tactics.

Infinite echoes

The iosefka clinic has a strange GLitch with which you will get infinite echoes with minimal effort.

First, go to the prohibited forest and make the path you would do to discover the secret entry to the clinic if you have not already done so. Kill the dogs of the cages, if an event has happened to leave you will have to load the area and do it again. Then go to the clinic and in the room room next to the storage point turns between the stretchers. For inexplicable reasons, you will gain blood (the amount depends on whether it is your first game or not) until you want.

The following video shows how it is done.

Cainhurst Castle

To access the Cainhurst Castle, an optional area, you first need a letter that is in the hidden part of the clinic that is accessed from the forbidden forest.

Once you have it, you must go to Hemwick’s path when you have defeated the witches. Approach a cliff in the area and a car will appear that takes you to this part of the game that is not accessed in the story.

Get all the finals in a game

Bloodborne has three possible endings, two of them depend on a choice in front of the final boss. The third has some more trick, because it is necessary to consume some items.

This game has automatic save, and that means that at the time of winning the boss, or only entering and making the choice, your game will be written. However, there is a fairly simple trick for which you can obtain the three finals in your first game and their corresponding trophies. The key is in the backup option of the set saved in USB. Copy your game into a memory before facing the boss and without consuming the laces.

Once done, take out the finals: sacrifice you -there will be no fight -, restore your original USB game, coach the boss without using laces, restore your departure again, and fight against him having spent three cords -there will be two bosses-. You will have seen all resolutions easily.


Cainhurst Reward: Chikage and Cainhurst Set.Location: Join the Bloodvil at Cainhurst Castle.

Crow hinter Reward: Blade of Mercy and Crowfeather Set.Location: Complete the story “Eileen The Crow”, kill it, or let it die in one of its events.

Sword Hunter Reward: Kirkhammer, Hunter Chief Emblem, Repeating Pistol, and Hand Lantern.Location: defeat the clergy beast.

SAW HUNTER Reward: Saw Cleaver, Saw Spear, Hunter Ax, Threaded Cane, Hunter Pistol and Hunter Blierbuss.Location: A body is achieved in Yharnama Central aqueducts.

Powder keg hunter Reward: Spear Rifle, Stake Driver, Rope Molotov Cocktail and Oil Urn.Location: Defeat the Gyula Hunter. It is the character who uses an machine gun in Viejo Yha.

Radiant Hinter Reward: Ludwig’s Holy Blade, Ludwig’s Rifle, Fire Paper and Bone Marrow Ash.Location: defeat the thirst for blood, return to the dream and talk to Gherman. Will tell you about a cure church near Odeon’s chapel. Go back to the Cathedral district and now you can use the right -wing. Use it and you will find a guy with a machine gun. Mátalo.

Shadow of YHARNAM (boss)

This boss are actually three, and that is really his greatest danger. Independently, none would be too lethal, but if you are not used to staying in motion, the combat can be complicated a lot.

Each of the enemies has a different type of attack. One throws fireballs that cover a respectable area. Another spits fire, is a shorter attack than the previous one but damage. The third uses a great sword, and is more similar to the hunter hunters that you will have seen.

The best strategy is to weaken everyone equally, since when one dies, the other two increase their power, and when one remains, even more. That is, if you synchronize the deaths as much as possible, you will hardly have to suffer its evolution. The other strategy, naturally, is to go for the most annoying, generally the one that launches three fireballs.

To face one by one it is best to keep circle and use the obstacles of the stage as protection of projectiles. And as in the rest of the situations with groups, the weapons of horizontal attacks (ax type) are very useful because you can damage several at the same time. Fast weapons are also useful for cutting attacks and leaving enclosures.

Celestial Emissary (Chief)

If you have come here, congratulations. The tour of the choir area is more complicated than this boss. Although the high number of characters can remind you of the fight against ROM, here it is easier to mislead enemies.

The first thing is to detect the authentic boss among his army, something you will know because when damaged he will lower the boss’s life bar. The rest are normal enemies. You can have a slight idea of where you are if you look at your behavior, it will be the only one that is not very aggressive and tends to stay in the rear. Focus on it and you will see how useful weapons with horizontal attack, capable of hitting several opponents.

The second phase makes it transform into a large creature. Go up the stairs – for example, through the area where you have entered – and make the little army follow you, then take the garden. That will confuse enemies and leave you alone for a while in which you can attack the authentic boss.

Repeat the strategy as many times as necessary.

Drunk (boss)

To get to him you have to break a window in the area of the heavenly emissary. You will barely have to download an elevator to reach this new optional boss.

Ebrietas is a complicated boss if you go straight ahead, it has several very harmful medium -distance attacks. But as most large enemies, it leaves the rear careless. Although it is not the most elegant part of winning, positioning behind is the key to victory. Watch that you do not try to turn and keep calm with conservative tactics.

If you invoke a company, this fight greatly lowers the difficulty if one of the players makes bait calling their attention while the other attacks without risking.

Bloody Gems Master

To get this trophy you need a gem of level 15 or higher. However, You will not find any way throughout history or optional bosses , Only in random dungeons. Keep in mind that rewards also change, so everything falls to luck.

The Renacted (boss)

After many bosses and difficulties, there comes a more relaxed moment. The reborn is one of the simplest bosses in the game, and you simply have to surround your body to hit with your strongest attacks. Avoid your legs because that can hit you, but if you find a safe point, stay there and do not change position. However unpleasant his appearance is, he barely has surprise attacks.

The only danger you can have are the fire shots that you will receive from the two walls of the building. You have two options: If your health and road provisions are good, you can ignore these enemies and cure when necessary. If you suffer too much, you can climb some stairs to reach the balconies and kill women with bell. It ends with all and the boss will be more lonely.

Cleric beast (boss)

This optional boss (but necessary to “wake up” the MUńECA of the dream of the hunter that allows you to level up) is easier than it seems, although being the first, it is normal that it costs a bit.

With the cleric beast we will learn to master two very useful movements from beginning to end of the game. One is the shots, which at the right time serve to make a against. Shoot when the enemy is going to give a swipe, and you will make it stunned, ready to receive a visceral attack (R1).

The other technique is evasions. This beast has big arms and uses sweeps a lot. Simply, jump back or behind her to avoid being beaten.

In general he is an easy defeat from short distances and in his rear. From far you can jump and that attack is very dangerous.

From time to time it will enter into madness phases where it will blindly attack. You can wait for it to calm down and return to the routine. Above all I prevents you from caught with your claws -it will do it in its final phase if you are directly in front of him -because he leaves your health by shivering.

Presence of the moon (boss)

If Gherman is the final hunter, presence of the moon is a quite dangerous monster -type boss, although perhaps not the most of the game. Presence of the moon is the secret final boss, and to fight him you must consume the umbilical cords before.

It is very fast and agile, paarl type, but it has a tail and circular movements that will prevent you from looking for weak points. However, it is always better to look for its back than the claws it takes from the front.

He has a dirty trick with which he will absorb all your health except the minimum, and also prevent you from healing for a while. It is the most delicate moment of combat, so when you see that you suck your health, attack without looking to recover a portion of your vitality. Then avoid mistakes until you can trust blood vials again.

Gherman, the first hunter (boss)

Gehrman behaves like the hunter hunters, therefore it is very technical and you will have to demonstrate your mastery of evasive and cons movements, not so much your brute force. If you keep calm you can have the fight in your hand, but if you leave the initiative to your enemy, it will be complicated enough. Gehrman has several weapons similar to yours, devastating combos, firearm and some very powerful magic.

During the first phases of the game, attacks will be limited when you are at a medium distance. It is easy to fight these onslaught. Then he will take another weapon and shoot his shotgun, which does not take away much health, but interrupts your techniques.

When your life descends you will start using new cheats, such as very fast teleportation and a jump in the air where the wind cuts: at that time it runs because it is very lethal.

Paarl (boss)

You can find Paarl in two moments in history. It is optional, therefore you can avoid its confrontation and return later.

This Yahar’gul creature is fast and agile, so it will not be easy for you to take distances. It has a dangerous attack when their rays become stronger and brighter, but otherwise it is quite simple if you put yourself very close to it and avoid frontal attacks -like in most bosses-.

After a few blows, you will lose your electrical powers, moments where you can take advantage to hit even more and more dangerous. Will recharge and return with the usual fury.

If you fail to survive the first time you arrive in Yahar’gul (when a man of the bag defeats you), you can do it the second time you go through the place. By then your level will be much greater and will barely have an effort.

Martyr Logarius (boss)

You will find Martyr Logarius on the roofs of the Cainhurst Castle. It is optional, but you will want to defeat it to get its crown and open the way to get a pact.

For many players it is the most difficult boss of all because it has a wide range of movements, both physical and long distance with projectiles that even follow our character slightly, therefore the columns of the stage can protect you from many magic, but they are notinfallible. It is also fast and you will not be able to use the usual attack techniques in the back.

In the good news, Logarius receives a lot of damage with visceral attacks, so it is convenient to have a firearm by hand. Learn your different movements and how to avoid the most lethal in the following video.


A list of game weapons. Get all to unlock the trophy.

Detailed blade: Start weapon, Sierra Badge (near Father Gascoigne, in the sewers).

Detada Lanza: Sierra Badge.

Hunter ax: start weapon, Sierra Badge.

Screwed cane: start weapon, Sierra Badge.

Piety sheet: Cuervo hunter badge. Find the Cuervo hunter, you will find it for the Cathedral district. After killing Amelia you will find her on the balcony on the left. Then there will be a time when he is fighting against another hunter (you will know because you cannot travel to the field of Oedeon), see there from a nearby lantern. You can let her die and steal her badge, or help her to kill the other hunter. In the latter case, you will have to help her later in the cathedral (where Vicaria) to kill another enemy.

Ecclesiastical hammer: It is bought after killing clergy.

Sagrada de Ludwig Sword: Defeating a thirst for blood opens a door in the Cathedral district with an elevator. In the tower that is accessed is the necessary badge. This is one of the favorite weapons of the game for its great power.

Reitterpallasch: in Cainhurst Castle, in the first silver.

Chikage: Make the Bloodvil Pact (Cainhurst Castle, defeating Logarius).

Lanza rifle: dusty hunter badge. Kill the Gatling hunter in Viejo Yha.

Estacador: Powever hunter badge.

Tonitrus: near where we fight against the reborn boss, or in the store with the spark hunter’s badge (defeat Paarl).

Lagarius wheel: Alfred gives you the emblem when you talk to him looking at the horizon.

Beast claw: In the chalice of the afflicted Loren.

Burial sheet: Come on the final boss when they give you the option. At the beginning of the next game you will have its badge.

Hunter gun: start weapon, store.

Hunter trabuco: start weapon, store.

Repeat gun: after defeating the clergy beast.

Ludwig rifle: hunter badge with radiant sword.

Evelyn: Chikage is unlocked together.

Rańón: Forbidden forest.

Llamas sprayer: hunter badge with radiant sword.

Romero: Hunter badge with cosmic eye.

Hunter torch: in the district of Viejo Yha.

Torch: near the beginning, where there is a troll imprisoning the doors.

Wooden shield: in one of the bodies near the Cathedral district.

YHARNAM, Queen Pthumeria (boss)

Yarnam is a final boss, however it is of great importance in the background of the argument and you will need to defeat it to get its trophy -and therefore, the platinum-.

It is a difficult fight, removes a lot of damage and keeps attacks on several distances. In summary, it not only costs to reach it for the dungeons, but it is the definitive test. Wait to have a high level, a maximized weapon and prepare your best team.

Below you have a video with a strategy.

Sacred Pthumeru Caras

Pthumeru chalice (3 floors) It is obtained by defeating the bloody beast of blood.Requirements: Ritual Blood (1) X2, 1000 Echoes of Blood

Central Pthuuuru chalice (3 floors) It is obtained by completing the three floors of the Pthuuuru chalice.Requirements: Ritual Blood (2) X6, 1800 Echoes of Blood

Lower Pthuuuru chalice (4 floors) It is obtained by completing the three floors of the Central Pthumer chalice.Requirements: Ritual Blood (3) X9, 3200 Echoes of Blood

Deafting chalice (3 floors). Life is reduced by 50% It is obtained by completing the four floors of the lower Pthumeru chalice.Requirements: Ritual Blood (4) X9, Loran X2 Bastard, Arcane Neblina X22, 5500 Echoes of Blood

Great chalice of Pthuuuu Ihyll (3 floors) It is obtained by completing the three levels of desecrated chalice.Requirements: Ritual Blood (5) X9, Red Jam X4, Arcane Bog X25, Living Thread X1, 11500 Echoes of Blood

Sacred Chalice Ritual Materials

Ritual Blood (1) Buy for 2500 echoes of blood in the hunter’s dream store or the depth calices 1.

Ritual Blood (2) Buying for 6000 echoes of blood in the hunter’s dream store or the depth calices 1 and 2.

Ritual Blood (3) In the depth calices 2.

Ritual Blood (4) In the depth calices 3.

Ritual Blood (5) In the depth calices 4 and in the upper cathedral.

Loran bastard Third floor of the calices of the afflicted Loren.

Arcana mist It can be extracted from other objects with a tool that is in one of the lower Pthumeru chests. It is also released by the giant light signs at the third level of the pthuuru chalice

Red jam On the first floor of the school building in one of the chests and the lower Loren chalice levels.

Living thread Kill the great brain with the eyes of Mesis’s nightmare (after defeating Micolash).

Cold -blooded flower Treasury Chamber of the Third Level of the Chalice of Afflicted Loren, where the beast claw is obtained.

Cold -blooded seedling The messengers sell it in exchange for lucidity.

Ludwig, the sacred sword (former hunters)

First mandatory expansion chief. Its first phase is similar to that of other large monsters. Be careful with its onslaught, bars and an ice cream blow. If you invoke an NPC hunter will serve as a distraction.

The second phase is more complex, because Ludwig uses a great sword with which he throws cuts into the air and has several area attacks. As always, the best strategy is to attack on the back and side, your body is so large that you can sneak into your legs.

Living failures (old hunters)

Relatively easy bosses, their only difficulty is that several simultaneously appear. They are not very aggressive, from time to time they give sinks or fall when you are close, but it is easy to predict those movements.

More dangerous are the magical attacks that some of these bugs will launch. If you have the opportunity, go for that first, although another option is to always be placed at the other end of the square so that the Sunflower Stem is a protective obstacle. At some point the screen will darken and attacks will fall throughout the map, stay in motion and do not let the health lower a lot.

Lady Maria, from the astral clock tower (former hunters

A very technical fight with a hunter. Take out a fast weapon for your first phase and thus start a combo as soon as you have a chance. Use the movement to avoid and you will even recover the damage that causes you thanks to your blood.

The second phase is complicated a little more because their swords throw fire cuts that affect medium distance. Keep in mind because if you want to heal you will need to measure the distances well. If you see yourself in trouble, use all the effective cheats against humans, such as Molotov cocktails or magic in the gun.

Kos orphan (former hunters)

One of the most tireless enemies of the whole game. Keep patience because you have to take advantage of the moments when it is vulnerable, after the jumps and when you finish making a combo.

The problem is that it has many area attacks that damage everything close to it, powerful combos, demolishing and projectile blows. Study your movements to learn as soon as possible the strategy.

With half of life it will change your appearance and pattern. It jumps more, which is good, but it is also faster and improves front attacks.

Laurence, the first vicar (former hunters)

Optional chief that is accessed when you get your skull. Is in the church of the nightmare and its appearance reminds the clergy beast, but its attacks are different.

The first phase does not differ much from Amelia, and the usual strategy is worth it: attack in the back. When he walks scarce, he will sink on the ground and leave half a body out. Now there are lava attacks, spit fire and sweep the arms. Stam.

Laurence Skull (former hunters)

Old hunter expansion has an optional boss. To make wake up in the Church you need its skull, which is hidden under an elevator. If you have not found him by chance, this video clarifies it:

All the weapons of ancient hunters

Explanatory video with the location of all the new weapons of the expansion old hunters. It consists of obtaining the corresponding trophy and of course, to expand your arsenal of white weapons and fire.

All weapons

Most weapons can be obtained very soon in the game. Here you will find a video that explains its location.

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