Beyond cheats: two souls – ps4 – cheat codes, guides


To get the trophy of all endings, or simply see all possible scenes, this is a shortcut. Follow it in the indicated order to be easier.

1) All saved (Norah, Ryan, Cole, Paul, Walter and Jimmy), choose life and final alone.

Now in the chapter selector, load the epilogue and make these other elections:

2) All saved, choose life, go with zoey3) all saved, choose life, go with jay4) all saved, choose life, go with Ryan

Load from black sun (keeping game) and do the following:

5) All saved, choose beyond 6) All saved, fail the Qte from the end in the black sun

Now you must kill all the aforementioned characters. For that, choose the homeless chapter (saving) and ends the game.

7) All dead, choose beyond

Black sun chapter load and take the other way.

8) All dead, choose life, alone

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