Battlefield Cheats 4 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Extra weapons in the multiplayer

Complete the following tasks to get this weapon in the multiplayer:

M249 : Complete the “final duty” task on the last mission of the campaign.

M412 Rex : Complete the Mission “Tombstone current” in the campaign.

Machete : Complete the mission “through Wold Will” in the campaign.

P90 : Complete the “Peace Maker” task on the last mission of the campaign.

QBZ-95-1 : Complete the “To Valhalla” task on the last mission of the CMAPAń.

SHANK: Complete the mission “Fang of the Underworld”.

All identification plates

This video shows you where all identification plates are (“Dog Tags “), 19, in Battlefield 4.

All collectibles

This video shows you how to get all the collectibles of the game.

Bronze  Puppy the campaign in difficulty by challenging the torment of the SingaporeIn BakuCompleta Baku in the antediluvian campaign, tashgar in the tropiezoencuentra campaign 3 collectibles in the bed was in the middle…Find 6 collectibles in the campaign a casual look around the 9 collectibles in the campaign a little research between 12 collectibles in the bedIt is well placed with 10 eliminations with C4 explosive in Baku in the rubble campaign consigns 10 multiple elimination in Shanghai in the campaign to wake up from Sangrecegensigue 30 shots in the head in the head in sea of southern China in the guerra -censigue turtle bed 15 eliminations with RPG in Singapore in the CampañaInfiltradoconscans 10 eliminations to the limit in Tashgar in the campaign perpetual chain 5 eliminations with the skewer in Kunlun mountains in the bed by tombstonepermit that the Vakyrie is destroyed in the bed by the people clarifies Irish to save the Valkyrie in the bedTo save the Valkyrie in the campaign behind you…Get 5 sheets with melee eliminations in multiplayer Victoria Totalgana a round in each of the game modes Silver  Storm carrier gets 20.000 points in Singapore in the campaign a mutiny of a single man.000 points in Shanghai in the campaign the terror of the depths consigns 11.000 points at the South China Sea in the GladiatorConsiguegigue 12 campaign.000 points in the Kunlun mountains in the campaign exceeding expectations complete all the missions of the demolishing campaign consigns 15.000 points in Tashgar in the guardian campaign.000 points in Suez in the campaign the pride of Dunnconsiguegigue 7.000 points in Baku in the lobocomplete campaign the campaign in normal difficulty tombstonecomplete the campaign in difficult difficulty patience is a virtue of the end of the 3 finals in the campaign 45 caliber Gold  Recognition of 28 collectibles in the arsenal campaign to the complexion all the missions and collectibles in the campaign call me Seńorllega to the range 25 Platinum  Platinum trophy achieves the rest of the game trophies

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