Batman Cheats: Arkham Origins – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Cabezón mode

Take out the cryptographic sequencer, hold L1 and R2 at the same time and break the right analog stick ten times in the direction of the clock needles. All enemies, and Batman will have a big head. To deactivate the effect again enter the code.

Extra costumes

The following extra costumes can be achieved without the need for downloadable content, as bonuses in the game:

Blackst Night: Gain prestige in multiplayer mode.Dark Knight: Complete all the challenges of dark gentleman.Earth 2 Dark Knight: Connect the game with Batman’s mobile version: Arkham Origins.Injustice: Win all medals in the challenge mode.New 52: ends all the most wanted missions.Noel: Find all Enigma Datapacks.One Million: Register at Warner Bros id and links the game.Red are: connect the game with the mobile version, and get 10 costumes in this.

Bronze  Killer City identifies the murderers of black mask an eye open to Deathstroke

No one important is the Joker? Everyone carries a mascarase to the black mask of mask, an entire network of a counterintelligible tower has a record of the enigma extortion file.CITY PROTECTOR DOMINA The path of the protector of Gotham The worst nightmaddomina The path of the worst nightmare the best detective in the mundomina The path of the best detective in the world researcher of crimes complesses all cases fighter against the crime impidement 20 crimes in progress, old friend listening allWhat Alfred has to say personal instructor all medals in the combat training maps!Get all the fifty improvements in fluid gets an X50 combo. What was that?Complete a predator encounter without detecting you. What has given me?Eliminates 100 enemies without detecting silences as a predator meeting only with silent eliminations from end to extremeAtraviesa The bridge planning without touching the ground around the world uses the aircraft to move to all the fast travel points impeccable impeccableSuffer any damage without setbacks to Deathstroke without failure or counterattackIn 6 different ways, such as Batman or Robin, in a multiplayer game the macabrallega joke at the highest level with the clown band in multiplayer the caidollega knight at the highest level with the Bane band in multiplayer superstireHero without reinforcements to recover your band in a complete multiplayer server stories of the city an assault on each map with each band in multiplayer good perspectives as a hero, defeat 4 elite soldiers in 40 seconds, without using melee combat in multiplayer aCriminal outside the comúncomo elite, wins 4000 PE in a single multiplayer game arsenal, completely a gun in multiplayer legendsa Silver  A rules a life of the collection The Innocent and Emphilant collectible objects consist of all the Knight of the Dark Knight, all the challenges of the Dark Knight perfectionist, all the challenges of the perfectionist knight all the medals of the maps according to the medalist challenge all the medals of the medals of the medals of the medals of theOriginal classification maps of the challenge mode (such as Batman) Olímpicogana All the original Campaña Maps medals + Gold  Sooner or later in the clown I am the nochcomplete the way I am the night

Platinum  Platinoconscons trophy the rest of the game trophies

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